Christmas Presents

December 25, 2007

I’m coming out of my Christmas coma to report on a feature I saw on WIVB. They asked the Sabres what were their best and worst Christmas gifts they’ve received. Some of them are better worse gifts than others:

Peters – a muzzle

Goose – peanuts

Spacek – not a gift, but his tree fell over last year while watching cartoons with his son. Its all in Jaro’s delivery and accent, but he had a sheepish “I not do good job to tree” thing going on.

Hank – underwears. He was kind of reluctant to reveal that he received underwear, but the reporter beat it out of him.

Pommers – a Speedo. Pommers also included an explanation of what a Speedo was (for those of us that are clueless.)

So just remember, as you’re opening that hideous reindeer sweater from Aunt Maude, that you too could have received peanuts or a Speedo instead.


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