“Chad Michael Murray Is Such a Made Up Name”

December 26, 2007

Today’s title courtesy of the Goose, tonight’s Mic’d Up player. During a stoppage in play, they showed Chad Michael Murray (henceforth CMM) on the Jumbotron, and Goose remarked on the bench to Yo-Yo that CMM has to be a made-up name. Yo-Yo had no opinion on the subject.

Two of my former co-workers went to high school with CMM, and have attested repeatedly that CMM is his real name. In fact, it would freak out one of those co-workers if we referred to CMM as CMM instead of just Chad Murray.

I never thought I’d be referring to CMM on this blog, so there you go.

Speaking of the Goose, he was hitting everything that moved out there. He’s currently the Sabres hit leader, with 79 hits. Combining his hitting role with his new role as goalie roadblock on the power play really makes Goose a better all-around player. I know Darcy has said he’s not going to let a player like Goose go, but Darcy really needs to sign Goose’s RFA ass before someone makes an offer sheet.

The officiating tonight was horrible. The refs clearly missed a hooking call on Derek Roy. Its a shame that Roy’s reputation as a diver has precluded referees from calling penalties against him. Peters also got called for a 10 minute misconduct when all he did was yap at the Ottawa player (who was doing enough of his own yapping back, thank you very much). There was also the missed interference call on Chris Neil on Crunchy, leading to an Ottawa goal.

Its not Sabres related, but during the Rangers / Hurricanes game, Colton Orr leveled a nasty hit on the Hurricanes Matt Cullen. Cullen was knocked cold, but managed to leave the ice with assistance, rather than on a stretcher. I think it was a borderline hit, with perhaps not the intent to injure, but it still did not look good. Props to Commodore for stepping up and defending his teammate.



  1. I was at the game, so I didn’t see the Mic’d up. I love those things, and the Goose never disappoints. Ok, I have to ask – you have all these nicknames I’ve never heard of! So who is YoYo?

  2. Yo-Yo is Jochen Hecht. It started from a Marty Mic’d segment last season.

  3. Thanks Amy – I gotta pay closer attention to these Mic’d up segments! Does anyone know how serious Drew’s concussion is? I hope it’s not a Timmy situation!

  4. Amy, the whole “made up name” business cracked. me. up. the other night! That Goose is so gossipy on the bench! Also, the best part was I’m pretty sure he called him “Chaz” Michael Murray. Which is a made up name.

    Anyway, I’m so glad that moment didn’t go unblogged!

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