Covering the Hip

December 27, 2007

God Bless YouTube (and its parent company Google). Look what came up on the related links for Miller’s NHL Ice Bowl promo.

Words fail me, though Miller looks pretty good up there.

Here’s the actual version of New Orleans Is Sinking by The Hip for comparison’s sake.

Its also been brought to my attention that Stafford is going to be out for a while with a concussion. I hope his concussion does not prevent him from joining the BPO and Ronan Tynan this weekend. I’m going to be at that show and will be disappointed if Staffy does not perform as advertised. Of course, watch his performance just be a “ding” on the triangle or something.

Goose and Afinogenov are also nursing injuries. Goose has a sprained arm that may keep him out of action against the Devils. Max has a groin problem. While groin injuries are never funny, Lindy’s word choices in describing Max’s injury are. He said Max “felt his groin” and “we got him off out there.” Scuse me, Lindy? Run that one by me again.

Yes, I’m twelve.


  1. I saw that clip of Campbell the other day and have been waiting for someone else to post it. Can’t wait til some NHL PR person sees that. I know its Buffalo and we don’t exactly have paparazzi here but we do have video cameras, oh Captain, my Captain.

  2. I don’t even….know what to….Soupy….no..no no no no no, Soupy. No. STOP THAT SOUPY! NO! My ears! My EARS! Crunchy, you look kind of hot. Carry on.

    Why am i not at all surprised that Soupy is a sloppy drunk?

    Amy, I also had a good snicker when I read about Max “feeling his groin”. Um, Lindy, that’s considered pretty normal and healthy behavior, especially for young men. Heh.

  3. Amy, this is awesome. I’ve been wanting to see this ever since Ryan first mentioned that Soupy did a cover of this but I never thought I’d actually do so without dragging myself to a bar. I’m blown away. Ryan does look kind of cute though, doesn’t he? Weird. Nice sweater too. (It’s probably a jacket but I like the idea of him rocking out in a Mr. Rogers sweater.)

  4. I just… I… wow. That. Was. So. Painful. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing it!!!

  5. Glad you enjoyed (enjoyed being a relative term) the video.

    Heather, I really like to believe Ryan’s wearing a Mr. Rogers sweater, just with the sleeves rolled up. Otherwise, I’d have to believe he’d be wearing a 3/4 sleeve jacket, and that’s just wrong on a guy.

    I also can’t believe Soupy called it the “stupid fucking Ice Bowl.” That’s not going to win him any points in this town.

  6. I was never a big Soupy fan, but this sort of seals the deal. “Stupid fucking Ice Bowl” is not something a lifetime Sabre should say, m’kay, Soupy?

  7. Honestly, he could at least pretend to be excited about the Ice Bowl. Hmph. Also, Miller is such a wannabe hipster so that is totally a cardigan.

    Amy, you are so the queen of finding fun Sabres stuff.

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