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Make a Joyful Noise

December 30, 2007

Tonight’s concert with Ronan Tynan and the BPO was abso-fucking-lutely amazing. The only way it would have been more abso-fucking-lutely amazing if Katebits had been playing in the BPO tonight.

It was a great mix of Irish music, pop music (Springsteen!), show tunes and holiday music. He sang some of my favorite songs:

Hallelujah – he made it upbeat, which I didn’t think was possible with this song.

Smile – which, believe it or not, was written by Charlie Chaplin. I’m just familiar with the Nat King Cole version, which is heartbreaking.

Ave Maria – which always reminds me of the first West Wing Big Block of Cheese episode, Josh asks CJ if she knows the piece, and her response is a simple “I’m Catholic,” with a smirk. I’m not doing it justice, but it leads into a great scene with Bradley Whitford and Allison Janney.

Danny Boy – I can’t hear Danny Boy without thinking of that stupid Saved By The Bell episode where Slater’s lizard Artie dies, and they have a funeral for it. They bastardize Danny Boy as “oh artie boy, the ponds, the ponds are calling, there’s gnats and ants, mosquitoes on the fly.” I can’t remember what I had for dinner last night, but this stupid moment sticks in my head.

The BPO provided the Christmas music, with Greensleeves, Sleigh Ride and Pachelbel’s Canon.

Now onto the important stuff: the performances of Miller and Stafford. Both came out in jeans and boots. Staffy wore a simple black button-down shirt untucked and Miller wore a green striped button down shirt (tucked in, which…NO!) and what was either a grey or brown jacket. Staffy definitely looked more comfortable in his own skin, on the guitar and on the stage. He moved around the stage really well, and was in complete control of his instrument (hee!). Miller seemed rooted to one spot and was carefully going through the songs. I don’t know if Staffy’s got more experience with the guitar or a better ear for music, but he’s got a stage presence. He really was smoking hot. (Side note, I checked the team roster, and Miller and Staffy are the same height, but Staffy has almost 35 pounds on Miller. Can someone please feed our goalie a sammich or something? Poor boy looks like he’s wasting away.)

Tynan admonished Staffy that he needs to take better care of himself, since we need him around for this season and next. Stafford sheepishly took Tynan’s advice. Tynan also brought the two of them souvenirs from his recent USO tour to Bagram, Afghanistan. While Staffy and Miller were setting up their guitars, some yahoo in the crowd started a “Let’s Go Buffalo” chant, which Tynan then proceeded to lead from the stage, and Staffy accompanied on the guitar.

After that ruckus, they were on stage for two songs by U2: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For and All I Want is You. Tynan did change the lyrics so that we were looking for Stanley and all I Want Is Stanley. He wants to make this into a yearly event, saying how much fun this would be next year with Stanley in the middle of the stage. Miller and Stafford just laughed at that one.

Spotted in the crowd were: Larry Quinn (I was sending him “sign Soupy now and cheap” vibes), former Rep. Jack Quinn, Ed Kilgore of WGRZ (who surprisingly was not working the room on the intermission), the Sabres goalie coach and the Sabres PR guy. I did not see Lindy or Darcy, but they could have been there for all I know.

It was a great show. I really would recommend going to see him if you ever have the opportunity.


“I Like The Kind That’s Good, Dude!”

December 30, 2007

In anticipation of Staffy and Miller’s debut with the BPO tonight, Buffalo News music critic Jeff Miers profiled these two players’ musical tastes and talents. I’m really amused by the fact that Staffy and Lydman can only play their Scandinavian heavy metal music when they’re the only two players at the rink. I had no idea Scandinavia was such a source of heavy metal music.

The below just sounds really adorable:

During a photo shoot at HSBC Arena, Miller and Stafford play a bit while posing with their guitars, and the personality of each comes through, even in this off-the-cuff manner. Miller plays a supportive role with sparse chords; Stafford can clearly play fast runs, and hilariously assumes the rock “power-stance,” or adopts the Van Halen-esque “both hands on the neck” finger-tapping technique while making “guitar faces,” much to Miller’s amusement.

What in the hell is a guitar face? Is that like an O face?

The article in the printed edition of the paper also includes a look at what bands these two are listening to. Crunchy likes the White Stripes and Led Zepplin (can he play Stairway to Heaven?), while Staffy likes a bunch of metal bands. The title quote of this entry is from Staffy, eloquent as always.


Does Crunchy own an entire closet full of hoodies or other zip top jacket/sweater combos? And holy hairy forearms, Staffy. However, the both of them can just carry on with how they look in this photo.

Stay tuned for a review of tonight’s Tynan / BPO / Sabres concert.