“I Like The Kind That’s Good, Dude!”

December 30, 2007

In anticipation of Staffy and Miller’s debut with the BPO tonight, Buffalo News music critic Jeff Miers profiled these two players’ musical tastes and talents. I’m really amused by the fact that Staffy and Lydman can only play their Scandinavian heavy metal music when they’re the only two players at the rink. I had no idea Scandinavia was such a source of heavy metal music.

The below just sounds really adorable:

During a photo shoot at HSBC Arena, Miller and Stafford play a bit while posing with their guitars, and the personality of each comes through, even in this off-the-cuff manner. Miller plays a supportive role with sparse chords; Stafford can clearly play fast runs, and hilariously assumes the rock “power-stance,” or adopts the Van Halen-esque “both hands on the neck” finger-tapping technique while making “guitar faces,” much to Miller’s amusement.

What in the hell is a guitar face? Is that like an O face?

The article in the printed edition of the paper also includes a look at what bands these two are listening to. Crunchy likes the White Stripes and Led Zepplin (can he play Stairway to Heaven?), while Staffy likes a bunch of metal bands. The title quote of this entry is from Staffy, eloquent as always.


Does Crunchy own an entire closet full of hoodies or other zip top jacket/sweater combos? And holy hairy forearms, Staffy. However, the both of them can just carry on with how they look in this photo.

Stay tuned for a review of tonight’s Tynan / BPO / Sabres concert.



  1. I haven’t seen the print edition of the paper yet (it’s waiting for me downstairs to peruse during the Bills game), but this picture might be a keeper. Ahem. Yes, Staffy’s got some scary-hairy arms, but doesn’t that mean he’s got a ton of testosterone flowing? Ahem again. I’m such a girl sometimes.

    I’ll be at the BPO concert tonight too – I’ll post my thoughts in the comment section after your review.

  2. Kate was just telling me about this photo! Sweet! It is kind of adorkable.

    I can’t wait to hear how the concert is!


    I also love how the quotes in the article could not have been funnier. Staffy’s all, “I’m fun, goofy and delusional!” Crunchy’s all, “I’m serious. Very serious.”

    (I also love that photo. Staffy may be a unibrowed zombie brain eater, but as we all learned in the Fabian video, boyfriend’s seriously ripped. Yum.)

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