Random Thoughts from The Ice Bowl

January 1, 2008

Oh, sorry. The Amp Energy Winter Classic. I’m going to get 30 lashes with a wet noodle from the NHL for calling it the Ice Bowl. (No joke: my uncle was working security for the game, and was told in his pre-game meeting, that anyone caught referring to the game as the Ice Bowl would be severely disciplined.)

– Crunchy’s Amp Energy commercial. I guess he now has the useful skill of saying “your mama’s so ugly she makes an onion cry” in another language. That’s going to get him some ribbing in the locker room for sure.

– I adore the old school varsity jackets the Sabres coaches were wearing. Very nice.

– I love that Sabres fans threw snowballs at the Penguins bus.

– I love that Miller showed up at the stadium this morning with his camera to document the day.

– The “I’m 12” moment of the broadcast: “wood is good.” Thank you Olczyk.

– I flipped to watch Don Cherry on the first intermission. He mentioned that NHL rule changes often bite Buffalo in the ass. Please refer to 1999 for the foot in crease rule, and 2006 for the shooting the puck over the glass rule. He also mentioned that the icing rule should be omitted.

– Cherry also brought up that of the 3,000 drug tests in the NHL so far, only one has turned up positive. That’s a pretty good stat. Then again, you know that someone could be using something that the NHL isn’t testing for yet. Cherry’s theory is that the average NHL’er is less likely to use drugs because they come from small town Canada and will be shamed by their community if they are caught. I also think that a lot of NHL players are closer to the communities where their teams are located, and realize that a positive test would wreck any good will and reputation they have within the community. Its alright to be a manwhore, I guess, since only a few people know about that. But a positive drug test airs your dirty laundry in front of the entire nation.

– Teppo’s looking to come back in ten days? Whoo-hoo! I guess we then have the problem of too many defensemen and not enough spots. Lindy mentioned recently that he would not put Patches on forward, since that tends to lead to people getting hurt. Does that mean Patches would join Pratt in the press box when Teppo returns, or does Lindy sit the one that’s playing the worse?

– I really want the “Warning Zamboni Crossing sign” used at the Zamboni entrance.

– Why is Darren Pang wearing Staffy’s skates? He’d better watch it, or Staffy will stomp him.

– Newsflash: hockey is a game of machismo. Really, Mike Milbury? Tell that to the players on the Sabres who don’t wear visors even though they’ve been repeatedly knocked in the head – Timmy, I’m looking at you – and taken pucks to the face. Goose, don’t try hiding behind Timmy there. I see you.

– The mom unit remarked that she can see the Sabres doctors giving the players shots as they leave the stadium, to prevent them from getting sick. You know, a flu shot, a pneumonia shot. The dad unit chimes in at this point with “a penicillin shot.” Not that hockey players have reputations or anything.

– The stupid NBC weather guy was annoying me during the broadcast. He kept pointing out that the snow was drifting down from the north. Now I live in the north, and had no snow during the game. So just where in the north was this snow drifting from? Anywhere north it comes from, it has to pass through North Buffalo to get to OP.

– While the hockey at times looked like a bunch of monkeys trying to hump a football, both teams looked like they were having fun out there. Sid’s jump around at the end was totally adorable.

– The game also painted Buffalo – and Buffalo fans – in a good light. I know it’s still early, but we haven’t heard any tales of drunken yahoos ruining the game for others. You never want to hear those stories.

– Can we do this again next year, please?


  1. Teppo in 10 days?! Yay!

    Also, I saw exactly 0 drunken yahoos and the Pens fans near me weren’t harrassed at all. I’m sure there were some–it was a hockey game after all–but they certainly weren’t the majority.

  2. I live on the border of West Seneca and OP, just a few miles from the stadium, and my weather wasn’t even as bad as it was at the stadium. Hockey gods were conspiring, I can feel it!

    Buffalo fans throwing snowballs at the Pens bus=priceless.

    Manwhores. ROFLMAO. Yep, they are. So sad. Some are definitely worse than others, though… I’m looking at you, Soupy. Don’t hide behind Pommerdoodle – he’s a good boy (as far as I know).

    And yes, Sid was adorable. You could see his youthful exuberance and how much he loves the game. Who cannot like that about a guy?

  3. That’s going to get him some ribbing in the locker room for sure.

    They showed that commercial at least six times at the Ralph during the game, and I wondered how awkward it must have been for Miller to be standing right there listening to it. I could just see the guys on the bench starting to give him shit about it, and him getting all defensive with “But what about Soupy’s awful sweating commercial?!” And really, he’d have a point.

    The only drunken yahoos I saw were much more focused on removing articles of their clothing and contracting pneumonia than harassing any Pens fans.

    And yay Teppo!

  4. The drunken yahoo nearest me was more the sappy I’m so glad to be here sort. He’d flown up from FL for the game and randomly found himself sitting two seats away from an old friend. Talk about felicitous.

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