On the Catwalk

January 3, 2008

I sincerely hope this link works.

Ryan Miller officially announces the 2nd Annual Catwalk for Charity to be held next month. Among the highlights of the press conference…

– The players will again be serving as models. Miller remarked that last year’s event was the loosest and most normal that he’s ever seen some of his teammates. I wonder if Drury was included in that list, since he looked the most uncomfortable up there.

– Staffy will have his very own Guitar Hero station set-up where attendees can come and challenge him in Guitar Hero.

Warming up for Guitar Hero with the BPO.

– Miller also announced that fans can buy his Winter Classic sockey hat at The Refinery’s website. If you have not watched the video, it also comes complete with a demonstration of how to wear the hat, and the outright statement that it is nothing more than a hockey sock converted into a hat. You too can own one of these babies for $39. (I hear sockey hat, and it reminds me of sock monkey. Could you imagine a sock monkey made out of one of those things? That would rock.)

And also….Miller has his own website where – hang onto your hollyhocks here – he will be blogging. Does this mean we have to behave now that he’s entered cyberspace? Check it out at http://millertime30.com/default.htm

One comment

  1. Ryan should totally get in on the Buffalo blogging community. That’d be rad.

    I would love a sock monkey hat.

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