Thursday’s Thoughts

January 3, 2008

Couple of interesting tidbits from this morning’s Buffalo News:

– Jaro Spacek was excused from practice yesterday to attend the birth of his son. Captaincy and a kid in one month. Congrats, Jaro!

– Lindy scoffed at NBC’s report from the Ice Bowl that Teppo would return in 10 days, but offered further comment. Why do I have a feeling that Teppo’s return is going to be a surprise to everyone, one of those “game-time decisions” that gets the crowd and players pumped.

– Apparently, there was quite the ruckus over Ronan Tynan singing God Bless America at the Ice Bowl instead of the National Anthem. Sabres PR Director Mike Gilbert brought up a good point that Tynan is an Irish citizen, so him singing the anthem is not appropriate. I can certainly see people’s point that sporting events should include the National Anthem, however, its not a surprise to Sabres fans that when Tynan shows up, God Bless America gets sung. Its happened at how many Sabres games in the past few years, and there was little to no ruckus created before. Now we create a ruckus because the game was nationally televised?

– Now onto the heavy stuff. Drew Stafford is close to being cleared for regular practices, which if that goes well, means he could return to the lineup soon. All’s well, right? Wrong. Staffy admitted to the News that he had headaches after the Philly game, but didn’t tell anyone. He played in the Ottawa game, and got his bell rung further in a hit with Chris Neil (what is it with Chris Neil and injuring Sabres?), forcing him out of the lineup.

Staffy, by admitting that, you’ve probably earned the right to have every Sabres fan smack you upside the head. Haven’t you seen what concussions – especially untreated ones – can do to mess a guy up? Go read up on Pat LaFontaine. Or better yet, talk to Timmy about concussions and what he went through. I realize that you’re 22, and you think you have a certain invincibility factor, but sweet merciful heavens, you have a life to think about outside hockey. Don’t screw that up because you’re playing macho on the ice.

I was also reading on HockeyBuzz yesterday that Lindy’s two daughters were fighting over which one of them would get to wear his retro varsity Ice Bowl jacket to school on Wednesday. However, Lindy didn’t bring the jacket home, leading to some strife in the Ruff household.

If the Sabres were smart, they would make those jackets available for purchase at the Sabres store. The one thing that was pretty consistent across the blogs and MSM articles about the Ice Bowl was how snazzy those jackets looked. Maybe it was the mood of the day that made them go over so well, but the Sabres might just want to listen to their fans on this one.

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