This Is Bullshit

January 4, 2008

Tonight’s title courtesy of Crunchy. He was muttering it as he was pulled for Thiebault tonight. Sure, Crunchy had no help from his teammates on the Ottawa goals tonight. The third one was especially blatant. Derek Roy is standing with an Ottawa player directly in front of Miller, who couldn’t see the puck come flying at him. Whose bright idea was it to put Derek Roy in front of the net? He wasn’t even trying to move the Ottawa player. Why wasn’t someone like Goose or Staffy – a big hulking body – out there?

I know Lindy’s not penalizing Miller specifically by pulling him, but instead is trying to light a fire under the team’s ass. The camera caught him at one point as he was sitting on the bench, and he looked ready to spit nails. He also was not happy in the postgame interview, and I don’t blame him. I really hope he lights a fire under the team’s ass. Something. Anything. He – and Thiebault – were getting hung out to dry out there tonight. They both deserve better. (On a lighter note, we had another Miller hairdo tonight. The postgame interview consisted of a fluffy, just blow dried no-bang look.)

The team also needs to realize that they can’t play 20 minutes of crappy hockey, 20 minutes of meh hockey and then 20 minutes of amazing hockey and expect to win the game. Sure, it happened way too many times last year, and I think the players got spoiled by always being able to pull that rabbit out of the hat.

About the only good thing on the ice tonight was the play of Stafford / Gaustad / Ryan. All three worked their asses off tonight. Stafford’s great puck work directly led to Ryan’s game-tying goal. Ryan also went after an Ottawa player on the play after Paille was injured, and Ryan took a slam to the ice – and a 4 minute penalty – as a result. I wasn’t expecting Ryan to step up. He’s not on my list of the usual stepping up suspects.

Based on the postgame interviews I’ve seen so far, there are angry players and angry coaches. Maybe they just need to have a big screaming fest and get it all out in the open?



  1. They are killing me with this “let’s pour it on in the last ten minutes” garbage. How hard is it to quit talking about playing 60 minutes and start doing it? (Pretty hard by the looks of it.)

    The one other positive is that even though he didn’t score, I thought Thomas Vanek looked a little better last night. He was actually taking th puck to the net more often than not. Hopefully good things will come of that eventually.

    But yeah, I’m with Crunchy. This is bullshit.

  2. Vanek did play really well last night. I have a feeling that once he gets a few goals, he’s going to be fine. It can’t be easy for him knowing that he’s going to be the designated whipping boy for the team, at least amongst the fans, just because of his contract.

  3. Soupy looked ready to spew tears into his Soupy Soup. He looked positively weepy. I usually figure Pommerdoodle is going to be the weepy one, but he was holding it together.

    I’m glad Miller is mad. If he wasn’t I would question his competitiveness. Getting pulled sucks. I do think that he wasn’t getting any help, but at the same time, he needs to pull a few of these games out for the boys. If he wants to be an elite goaltender he needs to step it up too. Elite goaltenders don’t have GAA’s of 2.6.

    Here’s hoping the team is mad and not gonna take it any more!

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