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The Devil in Me

January 8, 2008

Live thoughts from the Sabres / Devils game.- Lindy made a lineup change not related to an injury or Andrew Peters. I’m not sure what to make of that, since it rarely happens. He sat Nathan Paetsch, inserting Nolan Pratt into the lineup.

– Kaleta makes a bang in his return to the Sabres lineup, sending Vishnevski into the second row of seats, not once by twice.

– And once again, Buffalo’s playing from a deficit, as Greene scores for the Devils. Sweet merciful heavens, what do we need to do to get them to play with a lead?

– Who found my blog by using “penicillin to mask drug tests?”

– 5 Shots on Marty at the end of the first period is not good. C’mon boys. Shoot the puck. Things happen when you put the puck on net. Do I need to diagram it for you?

– Marty’s the Geico Quote of the Day. He’s discussing the size of goalie equipment, and how certain goalies in the league who are 20 pounds or so smaller than him look to be the same size because of the equipment that they wear. He might be onto something with advocating for goalie equipment based in proportion to goalie size. Then again, Miller’s so tiny, his padding could be the equivalent of a bed pillow or two strapped to him.

– Dear Harry Neale: may I ask who Ryan Kaleta is? You’ve somehow managed to combine the names of three different Sabres players in one miscue. That’s talent.

– I’m really enjoying that the Prudential Center has a Swedish Fish ad on the boards.

– I might fall off my chair if the team manages to play 60 minutes of good hockey at some point this season.

– Great save by Brodeur on Kotalik in the second. That would have been a goal for sure.

– Harry Neale further serves to depress me by pointing out that tonight’s game is the halfway point of the season. The team is 19-18-3. Last year, they were 29-11-3. How the mighty have fallen.

– Great save by Miller on Langenbrunner at the start of the third. They showed Miller after the save and he had this unbelievable “do I have to do everything?” look on his face. Poor Millsy.

– WHOOOOOO!!! The population of Pominville has just increased by one. Finally! Its kind of scary that Pommers is our leading scorer at 34 points. The Buffalo News has a great analysis of the team’s stats so far this year. Only three Sabres are on pace to increase their point total over last year. Most of the rest of the team is on pace to decrease their point total, including our $50 million man, Vanek.

– Overtime was so much fun to watch. The 4 on 4 hockey is great. The ice seems a little more wide open, and both teams had some great scoring chances.

– Kotalik’s shot in the shootout is amazing. He’s been the only consistent shootout scorer for the Sabres so far this year. Lindy put C-Mac in this time; maybe he needs to take Vanek out and put Stafford in? Vanek had some puck control issues this time. Maybe he just needs to not be in the shootout for awhile?

I know I shouldn’t be happy that they only got one point tonight, but the way they’ve been playing tonight, I’m taking the one point. Let’s build on that.