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When The Going Gets Tough…

January 9, 2008

The tough go bowling.

The Sabres held a team building exercise Monday night in New Jersey. They went bowling. While Lindy Ruff apparently wiped the floor with his players, its reported that Derek Roy also was pretty good. I don’t know what shoulder Roy-Z hurt, but if one has a shoulder injury, throwing large heavy balls might not be the best thing in the world for it. At least bowling is a fun team building activity, not requiring trust falls, or ropes courses and wedgie seats, or carefrontations.

I love Lindy’s description of how he combined the lines for last night’s game. “Putting Vanek and Al together, two guys that speak the same language, plus Al likes playing with Timmy, and that’s a fairly easy one. After that you’re looking for a line that’s got some smack to it, that’s Mairsy, Andrew and Pat. Mike Ryan, Staff and Gaus have a little bit of everything. They’ve got some size, they’ve got some speed.”

So we have one line based on language and the fact that someone else likes playing with another guy (are we 5?), one line based on smacking the shit out of the other team, and a line that’s a hybrid of the two. Interesting.
I do have to say that I really like the Ryan/Goose/Staffy line out there, although I do kind of disagree with Lindy’s statement that Goose has some speed. Goose is usually the first one to admit that he’s not the fleetest of foot on the team. Unless Goose has been taking a Red Bull to get some wings, I just don’t see the same speed that Ryan and Staffy have. I just realized that these three are all Americans. There’s got to be a catchy nickname for this line.

Usually game action photos catch some pretty awkward looks on player’s faces. However, any of those are cancelled out by the sheer joy on Staffy’s face here.