Deep Breaths, People. Deep Breaths.

January 10, 2008

The news yesterday that Teppo returned to Buffalo after not being cleared for contact by Sabres doctors initially appeared troubling. His doctors at the Cleveland Clinic cleared him, so what was the Sabres issue? Would this be another LaFontaine situation, where player was cleared by his doctors but not by the team, thereby saving the team contract money?

I enjoy conspiracy theories and wearing my tinfoil hat as much as the next person, but the thought that the Sabres are intentionally screwing Teppo over is a bit much. Sure, everything in their history points otherwise, but can you really blame the Sabres for being overly cautious? The man’s heart was operated on. You don’t need to have Teppo cleared to play and then – god forbid – he gets hit the wrong way, and something goes wrong with his heart.

I think Teppo gets it. As much as he’d rather be on the ice with his teammates, having his body fully healed is more important. His hockey career pales in importance to being able to be around for his family.

Speaking of families, there’s quite a bit of hubbub over Roberto Luongo’s decision to skip the All-Star Game and the Canucks first game after the break to spend time with his pregnant wife. Now, not knowing all the details (whether she’s having a difficult pregnancy, multiple babies, etc), I think Luongo made a courageous decision to skip the game. The All-Star games are not known for being goalie showcases. And having a kid is a pretty life changing event, especially if its his first one. Do you really blame the guy for wanting one last break with his wife before a baby arrives?

And I think we may have found the real reason for the Sabres recent skid: the breakup of Andrew Peters and Ryan Miller. In this video, Peters confirms that they are not a couple, despite a kiss shown on the Jumbotron at the Expletive Deleted Stupid Ice Bowl and witnessed by 75,000+ people. He claims he also lost his manhood when that video was shown at the Expletive Deleted Stupid Ice Bowl.

Petey, I realize you might be riding the pine for the next little while, but if your teammates don’t find a way to win SOON, you might not be the only one that’s lost manhood. Capisce?


  1. Poor Teppo. The explanation that’s now been given makes a lot of sense and I’m relieved that it doesn’t sound like dirty dealing on the Sabres’ part but you have to wonder (again) if this is the end of his playing career and if so it’s a sad way for such a successful career to end.

    If he does decide to retire I’d love it if the Sabres could keep him involved in the organization in some way, although who knows if he’s even interested in that.

  2. I was so bummed to hear about Teppo, we’ve been waiting so long for him to come back! We’d be much better off with him out there in front of Miller than we are with Lydman (sorry Lydman fans). I’m sure T.N. realized that,yes, this is for his own good and well being, but it must be so hard for him after he thought he was so close.

  3. Meg, I would love to see Teppo stay on with the team in some way.

    Carisa, Lydman impressed me earlier this year with his play. I’m glad to see that Lindy put Pratt back in the lineup instead of Paetsch. Pratt’s not afraid to hit people, and gets the concept of keeping the opposition out of Miller’s crease. It might be an unpopular opinion, but if/when Teppo comes back, I’d like to see Kalinin sit. He hasn’t been the same since he came back.

  4. Given that he would come back in March at earliest, I’d like to see whichever player is playing the worst at that point sit. I feel like this group of defensemen isn’t really consistent enough to predict that months in advance.

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