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Sabres Futility Post

January 12, 2008

On the Off Camber racing forums, there’s a little thing called a Foyt Futility thread. A Foyt Futility thread mocks racing legend AJ Foyt and his attempts at running an Indy Car racing team. You see, Foyt doesn’t believe in much modern technology, has a temper, and not very good drivers. Those three things together have led to some crashes, pit fights, computer smashes, and a whole bunch of crazy rhetoric. Foyt Futility threads are a way for fans to harness their amazement at Foyt’s situation all in one place.

I never thought that I would be writing a Sabres Futility post.

So the team has a one goal lead going into the third period. They were 12-1-1 this year after having a lead entering the third period. This game was theirs to lose. And you know what, they did. Someone should tell them that when something is theirs to lose, its a metaphor. It doesn’t mean go out and actually do it!

Brodeur looked shaky for most of the night. He was badly out of position on Paille’s first goal, and was beat by a fluky shot on Paille’s second goal. The Sabres had numerous opportunities to put the game away. Vanek continues to not be able to buy a goal if his life depended on it, as he hit the post twice in one shift. Pominville hit the post on a wide open net after Marty came out on a 2 on 1.

I was going to be perfectly happy if the Sabres eked out a 2-1 win, but no, the Devils score on a fluky bounce off the post and Miller with less than two minutes left in the game. Then Miller, who’s normally solid and stoic in the shootout, gets beat bad on a fancy deke by Zach Parise (and what is up with Parise’s hair in his Yahoo roster photo) and gives up the winning goal to Elias. AGAIN.

I’m getting tired of this losing in OT / shootout nonsense. Of the past 9 games, the Sabres have only picked up 5 points. That’s 5 of a possible 18. The futility is getting old.


Shut It, Soupy

January 12, 2008

Many of you remember Soupy’s performance at the Buckin Buffalo, where he referred to the Stupid Fucking Ice Bowl. AOL Fanhouse picked up on the story and posted the video last week. Now, The Buffalo News is finally calling Soupy on his shit. Soupy’s response:

“That’s stupid,” Campbell said. “It was just being sarcastic and having some fun, but maybe that’s not allowed right now.”

No, you moron. Fun is allowed. You can sing with the band to your heart’s content. That’s not the problem. The problem is that you disparaged one of the biggest events that this community has seen for a long time. Many, many people then took that as a slam on Buffalo. Its one thing when the local internet community is discussing it. But when it gets picked up nationally, that’s a pretty big to-do. You’ve been in this community long enough to know that any perceived slam on this city is taken pretty hard by its residents.

Remember Soupy, being a Sabre doesn’t automatically give you a get out of jail free card when you put your foot in your mouth.

While Soupy tries to straighten out his feet to mouth ratio, let’s talk about Lindy’s comments after practice yesterday. He threw down the gauntlet on players like Roy, Connolly and Afinogenov, stating that they have to play better when they return – if they return – to the lineup. Right now, C-Mac, Ryan and Paille have really picked up the slack from these three. There’s effort being put forth that might not have been there before. I’m not saying that Timmy, Derek and Max were phoning it in all the time, but sometimes there’s way too much dipsey-doodling out of the three of them, and not enough shooting and driving to the net. That’s something we’re seeing out of C-Mac, Ryan and Paille.

I’m also presently surprised by the play of Adam Mair on the Kotalik / Vanek line. He’s the surprise element on that line for a lot of teams. While they’re defending Kots and Vanek, Mair can slip through the defense and create some chances. When Lindy put this line together, it was a definite WTF, but it worked against Ottawa.