Review: MVP – The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives

January 14, 2008

This past Friday was the debut of CBC’s original series MVP – The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives.

The show follows the fictitious Mustangs hockey team (I’m guessing its supposed to be a riff on the Leafs?) as they struggle after the untimely death of their captain at a season opening party. After he dies, his wife and daughter find out that he snorted all their money away, and they have nothing. And the dead captain’s team-purchased insurance policy was used to cover the salary of the team’s new hot rookie, who’s come fresh from small-town Canada. Meanwhile, the coach’s son has been named the new captain, and he’s struggling to develop a relationship with a nice “normal” girl he met at a cafe. Then, there’s the team’s manwhore (since, you know every team has to have one) who records his trysts via a video camera set up between two stuffed mustangs.

Got all that?

The music in this first episode was great. Ever since Grey’s Anatomy started, I’ve found myself paying more attention to the music used in the background of shows. I’m still giggling that MVP used Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit In The Sky” as the background for a funeral. The producers also did a great job of casting actors that looked like hockey players; you know, the tall, lanky, too good looking for their own good types. The pilot episode also focused more on the players themselves, than on the wives that they show title promises.

About the only downside was that there was no actual hockey shown during the show. I know that’s something to be picky about in a show focusing on hockey players’ wives, but there’s one scene where hockey action would have been beautiful to have. It was a missed opportunity that hopefully will be rectified in future episodes.

I realize that as a hockey fan I should probably be offended that a great sport is being mocked with this show. And I also realize that as a woman I should be offended by the characterization of females on this show as either tramps or angels, but I’m not. It is what it is: harmless fluff to record on the DVR and watch later. If I want educational TV, I’ll go watch Mythbusters or Jeopardy.


  1. I watched it too and feel pretty much the same way. I’m not offended, it’s all fluffy fun.

    But hey, I love my Mythbusters too!

  2. There is one reason to watch this show: the ridiculouly good looking and talented Lucas Bryant playing the nice guy on the team. You can’t take your eyes off Lucas, who resembles a young but better looking Jeremy Irons. I saw him in an old made for TV movie on the Crazy Canucks recently and I even sat through that just to watch him. This show has lame lame writing and unrealistic story lines but who cares? Suspend reality and watch it. Oh, and there is a character named Trebuchet. Huh???

  3. It was amazing i love it, it is probably my new favorite show, i have grown up loving hockey and a drama that includes that is nothing less than perfect. The show is definetly quirky, but not in the least offensive, after all its fictional, not based on true events or the like.

  4. I guess I have been watching it since the beginning (which I didn’t realize until now) and I have not missed an episode since. I think it’s great! Hot guys, ditzy women to make fun of, drama, comedy, and a little hockey thrown in for diversity. It’s also nice to find a show before 11pm that is willing to have a little T&A and a couple of curses to make you forget you’re even watching TV! I never thought “country cable” could be so entertaining.

  5. Being a newly converted hockey fan myself I love this show! True the wives do seem to be on the back burner of the show. But every women can’t complain when they see the hunks show up on the screen. There are so many things to nit pick about the show. But you must see the fun in it to love MVP!

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