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Audio Vault Round-Up

January 15, 2008

WGR’s radio vault can be like candy for a hockey fan. Today I found interviews with Goose and Lindy Ruff. There’s a Soupy interview, but I’m ignoring the Skating Tomato for the moment.

Goose covered his fight with Chris Neil during the Ottawa game including the reason he fought Neil: Neil asked him to! Apparently, in previous interactions, Neil would never want to drop the gloves with Goose. Well, this time, Neil was just pissed off enough to fight. Goose also explained some of his rationale for pulling Neil’s jersey over his head – it makes it easier to fight because Goose is so tall and has a long reach. It also plays into a player’s fear about being defenseless. A player is so worried about getting the jersey off their head that they start to panic and lose focus on the fight.

Goose feels that this type of action is not against The Code (and he says no one gave him a copy of The Code anyways). I’m of mixed feelings about the sweater pulling. Sure, it may make it easier to fight, but at the same time, it’s making a fight less fair. If two players are going to beat the snot out of each other, you at least want it to be a semi-fair fight.

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