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Meltdown In Aisle 27

January 18, 2008

Why is it that Internet message boards seem to always be in some state of a meltdown?

Most of the Sabres boards have not come out of meltdown mode since July 1, 2007. And while some weeping and wailing is completely understandable, is it really necessary to have many, many pages of posts all wanting to throw the team under the bus? Is it also really necessary for the mods of that board to have to post a reminder that people should not post player/management home addresses? What happened to common sense in this world? I used to like reading the message boards for that little tidbit of information that you could glean from a thread, but now, I’m wondering if its even worth it.

Then, the racing boards I frequent are in meltdown mode over the fact that Champ Car released their 2008 television schedule, and its comprised of 1 hour tape-delayed race highlight shows, instead of live broadcasts of the race. (I do want to point out that some message boards are handling this news better than others. So I’m not ready to give up on them yet.). Watching a condensed race sucks. You’re jumped around in the coverage, and you can’t get the feel for how things develop. Couple that with the series crowing about how its going to be on prime time on the ESPN Networks (which, according to some ratings I pulled, gets about a 0.5 rating on a good day), its enough to make you want to cry. This TV announcement just confirms that a once great racing series is now in the toilet.

And then, I read this morning that RJ will not be doing the two West Coast Sabres games before the All-Star break. He’s taking a vacation, and will be replaced by Kevin Sylvester. I do agree that RJ needs a break. Its a long season and the team really hasn’t been that much fun to watch lately. I also wonder if Kevin Sylvester could be auditioning for a role as RJ’s replacement? If I remember correctly, RJ’s contract only goes through this year. I know Sabres management has said he has a job as long as he wants one, but I can’t help but wonder if he’s contemplating retirement. I remember reading that he did contemplate it after the 05-06 season, but he had so much fun on that playoff run that he wanted to see it through to its inevitable conclusion. This is all speculation on my part, of course.

I’m happy that at least one of the Sabres walking wounded might be coming back tonight. Roy-Z’s a game-time decision on how his shoulder feels. I really, really, really hope he comes back tonight. The team could use his help on the powerplay, which right now, both sucks and blows. The Buffalo News is reporting that he practiced on a power play unit with Goose, Staffy, Pommers and Soupy (the all-nickname unit). The Sabres power play can use whatever help it can get. Hell, put a helmet on Sabretooth and send him out there.