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We Want Ten!

January 19, 2008

And by god, we got them! I haven’t had so much fun watching a hockey game in a long time. Where to start?

– Stafford and Roy’s dueling hat tricks. All of Stafford’s goals were beautiful. He was such a beast last night, and his first star announcement was well deserved. I was really amused that during his post-game interview he had a Sabres Santa hat hanging in his locker. While I know that was thrown on the ice during the hat trick celebration and he probably didn’t know where it came from, I really was hoping he would have put it on during the interview. He could have been Staffy Claus!

– Eric Boulton is such a thug. His sucker punch of Pommerdoodle was uncalled for. I do like that Pratt and Hecht stepped in to defend Pommers immediately. How can you sucker punch Pommers? Its the equivalent of hitting a puppy with a newspaper just for trying to cuddle up with you. I did find it funny that Pommers just crumpled to the ice and put his hands over his head, very turtle-like.


– I mentioned Nolan Pratt in the last comment. After last night’s display of physicality, remind me again why he’s been up in the press box? In addition to being a noted Miller defender, he stood up twice last night, getting into a fight with Thorburn (who made a controversial move in coming off the bench to take on Pratt, when Pratt really wanted Exelby. And seriously, who the heck names a boy Garnet? I feel like with that name he should be one of Miss Scarlett’s suitors or something.) When Spacek comes back this week, if Pratt sits over Patches, I may have to have words with someone.

– I had to laugh at Roy during his post-game interview. The padding he had over his shoulder made him look like he was auditioning for a role as Pancho Villa (“goals, we don’t need no stinking goals).

– The Sabres penalty kill continues to be fantastic. They killed off 8 penalties, including an almost 2 minute long 5-on-3 situation. And the power play finally kicked into gear last night, with four power play goals on 16 power play opportunities.

– I was really amused at Adam Mair’s repeated requests for gum during the game. And then the trainer pulls out this giant tupperware tub of Dubble Bubble and other pure-sugar-rot-your-teeth type gum. I’m still amazed that these guys can chew gum during a game, and no one’s ended up choking yet.

– Its unrelated to this game, but it will also be really interesting to see how the Pens handle Sid’s absence for the next month. Will they continue to be in the playoff hunt, or will they fall faster than a body with cement shoes?