A New Case For The Pommerdoodle Detective Agency

January 20, 2008

Bucky reports this morning that the Sabres asked the NHL to investigate the Flyers for potentially tampering with Danny Briere and negotiating with him before the July 1 free agency deadline. Bucky tells the sad saga of a Clarence mom whose kids went to school with Briere’s and was allegedly overheard talking with Mrs. Briere about moving to Philadelphia. Was it an innocent conversation? Probably. But in this day of bitterness about Briere leaving, someone lit up the batphone to either the Sabres or the league.

I do feel sorry for this woman, who only because her kids had the luck of going to school with Briere’s, had to have to have a conference call with an NHL rep and a NHLPA rep. The Flyers also conducted interviews with Briere, Biron, Gagne, Gauthier and Holmgren. So far, the league has come up with nothing.

You could also make a fair point (and Bucky does) that Biron was working hard to sell the city of Philly to Briere. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Briere and Biron were close and that Marty knew that Danny was a free agent. Philly’s a great city, I won’t argue that, but there’s a fine line to be had between sharing joy about the new city and selling the new city to a friend and teammate. In interviews, Marty really made no secret about his desire that he’d like to see Danny come to Philly in a perfect world.

As Bucky points out (and has pointed out, and will continue to point out), the Sabres could have avoided this mess by seriously negotiating with Briere, instead of putting all their eggs in the Drury basket.

For once, I wasn’t ready to tell Bucky to shut up at the end of this column. I was laughing too hard at the fact that it has come to this seven months after the fact. We can’t move on from the Briere era if people won’t let us!



  1. Bucky’s “Onward” after going on AGAIN about how the Sabres could’ve resigned Danny to a deal they knew nothing about pissed me off something fierce. Shut up, Bucky. There are a million reasons to hate the current team. Move. On.

    I also like how he established that the Clarence woman knows NOTHING about hockey, but had no problem letting her rip management.

  2. I did catch that about the Clarence woman. Marty’s just
    “the guy” but she can speak eloquently about management.

    How did Bucky find out about this anyways? Did he get a call from the Clarence woman, because I really don’t see the Sabres tipping him off.

  3. As I read this, I was thinking,”Great, just as the world maybe, just maybe, had started to move on a little bit from BriereDruryGate, someone has to drag this out?” It was a little nauseating to realize how close we came to actually keeping one of them. Just what we all needed to hear while the team is struggling: That Larry Quinn effed up worse than we thought and can be held more accountable for losing Drury than had been previously proven. Great, thanks Buck-o.

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