Head, Meet Desk

January 23, 2008

Its one of those mornings over here at Shots Off The Crossbar.

– Versus and the NHL extended their TV contract. Way to keep the sport that’s currently the 4th out of the 4 major sports relegated to an obscure network. Remember all that pommerdoodling that happened when the Expletive Deleted Stupid Ice Bowl scored a 2 in the ratings? Well, be ready for more of that.

– Lindy gave his players the day off yesterday. The day off. No bag skate. No Herbies. Apparently, Lindy is not a regular reader of this blog, as how many of us advocated skating the team until their feet fell off or they came to Jeebus. He did take the blame for their recent failures, according to an article in this morning’s paper. I have to disagree with Lindy on this one. He’s not the one that’s got the skates strapped on and the stick in his hands. He’s not one of the 23 guys on the roster that can control what happens during a game. Until he is, he’s not (fully) responsible for what happens.

– This ESPN article gives a great explanation about high ankle sprains and how they’re different from regular ankle sprains. It seems like this is an injury that happens a lot in hockey, so its a good read to understand why they’re such a frustrating injury for players.



  1. That article was interesting, thanks for the link. I’m convinced the high ankle sprain Hank had bothered him all last season (along with the re-broken and re-re-broken arm) so I was worried on Sid’s behalf when I heard that. Hopefully he’s back on the ice soon.

    I couldn’t believe Lindy gave these yahoos ANOTHER DAY OFF! What?! I’m perplexed. Completely and totally perplexed.

  2. Its pretty impressive that Versus has a 34% increase in ratings this year. Granted they are averaging 250,000 viewers a night.

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