Please Be Nice To Them

January 23, 2008

Oh sweet merciful crap. Jerry Sullivan writes in his blog that one of the Sabres players asked Sabres beat reporter John Vogl to write more positive stories to boost team morale. Those of you with tender sensibilities might not want to read the next sentence.

Are you fucking kidding me!!

The team wants the press to be nice to them? Have they not heard of a little thing called freedom of the press? The media can write whatever they want (within slander/libel laws, of course) since they are the media. They have no obligation to write anything “nice” just because a player asked them to. Not only that, the team hasn’t done anything worthy of “nice” coverage outside of the 10-1 win versus Nashville.

Now I really want to know which of the yahoos asked Vogl to write nicer stories, since they deserve a very, very hard slap upside the head. If the team is looking to build morale via the media’s coverage, they’re in even deeper trouble than we thought. I also thought that most professional athletes don’t read the sports stories just because of the potential for negativity. Its a whole turning a blind eye thing.

Based on Sullivan’s comment, why do I have a feeling that players will stop being friendly to the media if they don’t see “nice” coverage?

That’s right . This team makes me sad. And angry.



  1. I hate to side with the Buffalo News on, well, anything, but I certainly hope they don’t start being nice because of whiny hockey players. Man, maybe the team really is just that mentally fragile.

  2. I’m gonna say it was Soupy 😉 And yes, it’s ridiculous. Want some positive press? Try playing better!

  3. Soupy was my first thought about who made the request too. I can’t see Miller, Goose, Spacek or any of the other Sabres who speak to the press regularly making such a request. In addition to being disinterested like Kevin pointed out, Soupy’s come across as pretty whiny lately. He’s also been getting ripped a lot in the media too. So if it is Soupy that made the request, is it then team morale preservation or self morale preservation?

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