Semi-Live: Buffalo v. Dallas

January 25, 2008

I had no access to my computer last night, so my game notes were written the old-fashioned way: with a pen and paper. So please, keep that in mind as you read this. Now that I’m reading them over this morning, some of my spelling is atrocious. I’ve corrected my errors here, of course.

– Roby looked really uncomfortable during the pregame show with Paul Hamilton. I’m not sure if it was due to a lack of comfort factor with Paul, or just a lack of comfort with the hosting role in general. It make for some awkward moments, not including Paul’s Space Jame tie. Hee.

– The Dallas uniforms with the “Dallas” written across the chest are really classy and retro looking. Marty Turco’s matte gold goalie equipment really looks sharp with the uniforms.

– Excellent acting job by Miller in trying to look innocent to get out of his tripping penalty on Ribeiro. We all saw it was a pretty blatant trip. Save the acting job for a later time when you really need it, Crunchy.

– When I saw all the empty seats at the arena at the start of the game, I was pretty shocked. I’ve heard that Dallas is a great hockey community. They proved it with last year’s All Star Game, and even going back to 1999, I remember the enthusiasm of the crowd. I was happy to see that the majority of the seats filled in by the middle of the first period.

– 4:00 first period: this gem from Kevin Sylvester – “Jochen couldn’t get it up.” Someone should tell Yo-Yo they have pills for that now. Yes, I went there. I’m 12.

– Random thought that has nothing to do with the current on-ice play, but maybe the NHL should make pucks that hit the mesh and come down as live pucks, allowing play to continue. It would certainly allow for the flow of the game to keep going, and keep life a little more interesting for the players. If you think about it, its really no different than a puck hitting the glass and bouncing down.

– 3:19 first period: I start to have good vibes about the night, as it looks like the Miller we know and love has showed up tonight, as he makes an absolutely amazing save on Hagman.

– Quote of the night: “The only difference between that fan and a horse’s behind is that fan can vote in the upcoming election.”- Harry Neale, on a fan banging on the glass.

– Why can’t Buffalo have a Zamboni that takes people for rides while it surfaces the ice? That one in Dallas looks so freaking cool!

– And Stuuuuuuuu Barnes scores for the Stars. The way this season is going, I really miss having a player like Stu on the team. He’s a solid, dependable guy, both on and off the ice, and would bring some much needed veteran leadership to this team. Dallas, are you sure you don’t want a certain red-headed offensive defenseman in exchange for Stu?

– I really love that Dallas plays the Mahna Mahna music as the background during goal deliberations. However, poor Thomas Vanek still cannot buy a goal to save his life right now. His tip-in on Spacek’s shot was fabulous, but his darn stick was above the crossbar. That rule kills so many good goals. I know why its in place, but maybe its time for that one to go.

– At the start of the second period, that shot of Staffy sitting in the penalty box with his mouthguard hanging out of his mouth reminds me of a puppy banished outside with his favorite chew toy, just looking for someone to play with him.

– 5:50 second period: We seriously need to stop taking dumb penalties. However, Goose has been absolute beast on this penalty kill, clearing the puck twice and blocking at least one shot. He was out there for 1:45 by my count. (I just checked the stat sheet, and he was out there for 1:42 officially. So my guesstimate wasn’t that far off.) He gets a hearty HONK for that.

– Miller’s beautiful sprawling save directly led to Roy’s second goal. By the way, its about time the Roy/Vanek/Stafford line showed up. Tonight’s scoring was all them. I honestly thought that this play was going to end up as one of those “one too many passes before we shoot” plays that seem to happen all to often, but they proved me wrong.

– Still love the Jeep “Rock Me Gently” commercial. Speaking of commercials, where have the talking fish and deer been lately?

– Crunchy gets a cookie for nearly neutering Morrow, who tried to swat the puck out of Crunchy’s closed glove. As Harry Neale put it, Miller hit him where the wild geese don’t fly.

– Sign of the game: “If this game was in Buffalo, it would be sold out.” Spotted behind Hank in the penalty box.

– I may have to hug Hecht for that absolutely amazing save he made on Ribeiro at the end of the game.

– Did the last ten minutes or so of the game feel excruciatingly long to anyone else? Maybe it was because the boys had a lead and were struggling to keep it and earn the two points, or because I’m a pessimist, it just felt so incredibly long.

– I had to laugh this morning when I got up and heard that the Sabres charter never showed up in Dallas to pick them up after the game. Everyone was scrambling to find alternate ways home. No word yet if our wayward children have made it back to Buffalo. One question though, how the heck does a plane not just show up? Did someone forget to order it?

– The News is also reporting that Captain Spacek had an inspirational speech for his team yesterday at the end of practice. I can only hope it was better than this one.

So that wraps up actual hockey for the next little bit. Now onto the fun and frolic that is the All-Star game!


  1. Sign of the game: “If this game was in Buffalo, it would be sold out.” Spotted behind Hank in the penalty box.

    Hmmm . . . I have to wonder if someone bothered to tell that guy that the game was sold out. Although that would be a good sign for a team that actually does have low attendance. 🙂

  2. I have to wonder if someone bothered to tell that guy that the game was sold out.

    True. I know they showed that sign late in the game, but if someone had only seen the beginning part of the game, they wouldn’t have thought the game was sold out.

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention in my post that I love the Dallas jerseys and Marty’s pads so I’m glad you mentioned them both.

    I believe the full quote was, “Turco goes down and Hecht can’t get it up,” which is… even funnier. We’re 12 at our house too.

    I was excited to hear Mahna Mahna too! Eee!

    Even with the captains gone, that video will always crack me up. I’m not sure what I like more, the southern accented Connolly or Teppo grinning crazily through the whole thing.

  4. I believe the full quote was, “Turco goes down and Hecht can’t get it up,” which is… even funnier. We’re 12 at our house too.

    That’s great both in full and in part. Love it.

    I like Neale calling the fan an ass, too. I hate glass pounders.

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