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Hockey Makes It All Better

January 30, 2008

I had an absolutely horrible day at work yesterday. I was either thrown under the bus or had to throw myself under the bus several times because of things that happened. As an aside, my work has a weird thing about buses; we’re either throwing people under them or using someone getting hit by a bus as an excuse for training. We’re odd like that.

So after a day of hell, it had to get better, right? I came home, made a lovely dinner, and sat down with a nice cold Blue Moon to watch the Sabres / Lightning game on Versus HD. And it did get better! Last night’s game had to be the most complete 60 minutes of hockey I’ve seen from the team. The Pominville / MacArthur / Hecht line was really on their game last night. Miller played pretty well, despite letting in two wonky goals.

I also want to give a hearty HONK to Goose for playing over 14 minutes last night despite suffering from the flu. I know when I have the flu, moving from bed to couch is an effort. Never mind playing 14 minutes of physical hockey.

Pat Kaleta, as one of my old teachers would put it, is a snot nosed punk. He got called on one roughing penalty and later completely ignored the Tampa player who dropped his gloves and wanted to fight. If he learns how to harness some of that snot nosed punk-ness, he could be a pretty good agitator, ala Matthew Barnaby.

I read on Yahoo this morning that Ray Emery is going to be fined for being late to practice on Monday. He could be fined up to $14,000, as that is 1/187th of his salary, the maximum fine allowed by the NHLPA. I’d like to know who at the NHLPA came up with that number, since its totally random. While Emery’s excuse might be legit (he thought practice was at the arena, and not a practice facility), in light of all of Ray’s previous doings, a fine might be justified in this situation.

Moving on, its pretty nasty outside. Schools closed left and right, making this commentary from yesterday’s Buffalo News oddly prophetic. This quote is probably my favorite part of the whole piece:

Kids who otherwise couldn’t alphabetize a list of words if their lives depended on it know from kindergarten that “Frontier” usually comes right after “Fredonia” on the list of school closings. And the main reason most children in Western New York know the word “parochial” is from hearing “All Buffalo public and parochial schools are closed today.”

Its so true. I remember as a little kid, listening to WBEN, waiting to hear those magic words about the Buffalo public and parochial schools. I do remember those few odd days where public schools were closed, but parochials were open, meaning I had to go to school. Sadly, the days of the “public and parochial school” announcements are coming to an end, as each parochial school calls in their own closings. Listening to the closing list is sometimes like listening to a litany in church with all the St. This and Our Lady That schools that are mentioned.

When I got to high school, I actually had to have the name of my school announced, but after awhile, I got pretty good at predicting when we would be closed. Since I went to Catholic high school, and the majority of kids were bused in from the ‘burbs, if any combination of Amherst/Williamsville/Grand Island/Kenmore closed, we would not have class, since kids from those districts would not have a bus to get to school. If Buffalo closed, we would be shut down since the school was located in Buffalo.

I wish I was still a kid again. Snow days rarely happen when you’re a grown-up.