January 31, 2008

Has a three game winning streak ever felt this good? With their two victories since the All-Star break, the Sabres have vaulted into 10th place in the playoff chase, just two points out of the final spot. Not bad for a team that started Tuesday’s game mired in 13th, 8 points out. I really think that this speaks to the competitiveness of the Eastern Conference, that teams are changing positions so rapidly. For example, look what happened to the Devils: one loss, and they went from leading their division and second in the conference all the way down to sixth. I know that I have an Eastern Conference bias, but it seems like for the past few years the East has had the mad scramble to make the playoffs. The Western Conference is usually sown up earlier, leaving us Eastern folk to provide some drama. Looks like this year will be no different.

Couple of things from last night’s game against Florida:

– Can I tell you how happy I am that Miller had a 60 minute attention span? How many times has he had a shutout, only to lose it in the last 2 minutes? Its nice that he finally broke that pattern. He also had some spectacular saves, including one to redeem himself on a puck handling miscue. However, someone does need to tell Miller that he’s not a puck handling goalie. He should leave the puck handling tricks to the professionals, like Turco and DiPietro.

– Someone on the local MSG production staff must’ve loved the shot of JS Giguere having a hissy on the Ducks bench. We saw that clip in both intermissions. Not that it wasn’t a good hissy or anything, but its just funny to see a grown man throwing a temper tantrum like that. And as GM of the Mother Puckers, I will be having a talk with Mr. Giguere. That is not the kind of behavior I expect from my team.

– Reason to love Nolan Pratt: he’s actually playing defense. He’s putting himself between the Florida player and Miller

– I’m glad to hear that Stafford’s injury isn’t as bad as first thought. From the way Sylvester, Ray and Roby were carrying on when they showed the replay, you would have thought Staffy’s leg snapped in two at the knee.

– Did someone put goofy juice in the studio hosts’ beverages? Ray called Roby an old fart, and Roby was looking for a bar of soap during the second intermission.

– How adorable were Baby Staffy and Baby Sid in the picture from their Shattuck days? (The link takes you to the video the picture was featured in, though an “All About Staffy” gallery is located on Sabres.com) Note to MSG, however: if you’re going to edit a player interview, and the questions aren’t going to air in the order that they’re asked, you might not want to have a giant clock in the background of the interview. While Staffy was being interviewed, it went from 11:50, to 11:49 then to 11:51. I know Staffy’s good, but I didn’t know he could bend time.



  1. Ha I noticed the same thing about the time.

    I was all hyped up from the talk of his injury and then I saw it and I yelped in pain for him. It looked like it hurt but Lindy was so non-chalant about it, it didn’t seem that bad. It was quite cruel of them to hype up his injury only to cut to a video of him earlier in his life. I think MSG is really rooting for Staffy as a life-long Sabre. That’s the 2nd “Things to know about Drew Stafford” segment they’ve had in the last month. I am not complaining.

  2. To me the funny part was Giggy ducking the shot and then looking around like he wasn’t quite sure what happened. That was awesome. I did also kind of enjoy how Kevin called Parros “Yanni” the first time not because it was necessarily funny but because it completely cracked up Rob and Roby for the rest of the night. They started laughing just in anticipation of it.

    And God bless Nolan Pratt. Seriously.

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