Good, Bad, Ugly

February 1, 2008

From tonight’s game against Atlanta:


  1. Coming back from a 2-0 deficit
  2. Goose’s polite righteous indignation at having his goal disallowed early on. Goaltender interference, schmoltender interference.
  3. In the three games since the ASG, the Sabres have gotten 5 of 6 points. That’s really not that bad.
  4. According to Dan Paille, the Sabres “got in trouble” in the first intermission.


  1. A 6 on 3 in the third period. Simple math says that would never work in the Sabres favor.
  2. I hate the puck over the glass rule. How many times has that rule burned a team, and the Sabres are no exception.
  3. How am I going to divide my attention between Tuesday’s Sabres game and the Super Tuesday results?
  4. Harry Neale. Goalies have credit cards? The hell?!

The Ugly

  1. Broken Miller. Anytime your starting goalie gets hurt is not good.
  2. The team not standing up after Miller took the elbow from Thorburn. Why did no one whomp on a Thrasher afterward? I know the penalty meant that an immediate whomping was out of the question, but why not on the next play?

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