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February 2, 2008

In what was probably the most eagerly anticipated injury report in recent Sabres history, it was announced today that Ryan Miller only has a bruised knee. We all can put our soldering irons and sharp objects away now. He will be fine. Sore, but fine. He might even play Tuesday against Boston. No word on whether he will need treatment for the wonky eyebrow, however.

Meanwhile, there still has not been an announcement of the captaincy. Rumor has it, the decision will not be made until after practice tomorrow. By then, it will be February 3rd. Whoever gets February gets a short month to begin with, and now its even shorter! I feel like a rudderless ship right now. Who is my team’s mighty leader; their Captain Fuck This Shit (TM Interchangeable Parts). Inquiring minds want to know, damnit.

I also watched the Devils / Kings game tonight, thanks to the free Center Ice preview.  Couple of things stood out

  1. I love how Steve and Chico flat out said that a 2-goal lead is nothing for the Devils to sit back and be comfortable with. Seems like 2-goal leads are not quite the obstacle they once were.
  2. Stan Fischler reminds me of my high school English teacher, only Mr. Mitchell Sr. didn’t have a New York accent.
  3. From what Chico said, New York State has produced the highest number of American-born NHL’ers. I was pretty surprised by that. I thought Minnesota would have had New York beat by a mile. (In another surprising statistic, ESPN the Magazine polled 1,200 sports fans. Of those fans, 72% had never heard of Sid the Kid or Ovie. I’m sorry, have these people been living under a rock?)
  4. Looks like R.Goalpost and L.Goalpost both showed up to play for the Devils and Kings tonight. I wonder if they could send a message to their Sabres counterparts?
  5. What a great game Brian Boyle is having for the Kings. The kid gets called up for his first NHL game, gets delayed in traffic, misses the start of the game, ends up with his first NHL goal and assist and is a general pest all over the ice.
  6. I mistakenly think Soupy is on the ice, as I keep hearing the word spinorama. Nice to see that a certain Buffalo defenseman isn’t the only one using this trick.
  7. Hooray for Colin White getting his first goal after a 106-game drought.
  8. Inquiring minds also want to know which guy in the Chico Eats segment was JP Parise. I’ve heard a lot about this guy and want to put a name to a face.
  9. During the third period, those happy sounds you heard were the sounds of PandoNation rejoicing at the news that Pandolfo could return either Monday or Wednesday.
  10. Aww fuck. Rob Blake has a broken ankle. Time to go find another defenseman for the Mother Puckers.
  11. I watched this Devils game. I’m probably going to watch the Devils / Pens game on Monday. Then the Sabres play the Devils on Wednesday. That’s three Devils games in a row I’m voluntarily watching. Wow.

In closing (and on a non-hockey related note), Paul Posluszny is going to be watching the Super Bowl with our troops over in Iraq. He’s part of a group of NFL players making their way around Iraq in a 10-day tour. This is really cool of Poz to be doing this. . 🙂