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Clowning Around

February 3, 2008

Photo taken at last night’s Catwalk for Charity and found on

Update: WGRZ’s link works!

Highlights include: Hank working the runway, Goose’s “under appreciated” shirt and Timmy’s “New York Times” shirt. And Sabretooth. Just Sabretooth. Can one get a mascot sized leisure suit at Crunchy’s Hipster Emporium?

The above doesn’t show what was on the news last night. There was Miller holding a golden retriever puppy (no, not Pommerdoodle) that was up for auction (won by Max, but given to Mrs. Thiebault, who he was bidding against), RJ hamming it up for the crowd, and Kotalik moonwalking sort-of unsuccessfully.

I hope everyone has a blast watching the Super Bowl (or Puppy Bowl, if you lean that way) and does well in their pools.