Clowning Around

February 3, 2008

Photo taken at last night’s Catwalk for Charity and found on Buffalo.com

Update: WGRZ’s link works!


Highlights include: Hank working the runway, Goose’s “under appreciated” shirt and Timmy’s “New York Times” shirt. And Sabretooth. Just Sabretooth. Can one get a mascot sized leisure suit at Crunchy’s Hipster Emporium?

The above doesn’t show what was on the news last night. There was Miller holding a golden retriever puppy (no, not Pommerdoodle) that was up for auction (won by Max, but given to Mrs. Thiebault, who he was bidding against), RJ hamming it up for the crowd, and Kotalik moonwalking sort-of unsuccessfully.

I hope everyone has a blast watching the Super Bowl (or Puppy Bowl, if you lean that way) and does well in their pools.



  1. That is . . . quite the bowlcut. It actually looks like a wig which isn’t a look I personally would recommend.

    I don’t understand why WGRZ can’t put up videos people can actually see. Honestly, it shouldn’t be that hard. 😐

  2. Okay, I’m glad I wasn’t the first one to bring it up, but I just have to ask. What the heck is going on with Crunchy’s hair?

  3. Miller’s hair doesn’t bother me all that much. It kind of works for him, and balances out the wonky eyebrow.

  4. Is that even Crunchy? That’s like some weirdo Crunch-alike.

  5. That most definitely is Crunchy. He’s wearing that same grey shirt in the photo in this morning’s News.

  6. Yeah, I have to say, this haircut doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the Jesus haircut he rocked for so long.

    But how adorable is Hank? (Sooooo adorable.)

  7. People, this is the same haircut that Schnookie and I were bemoaning after the Ice Bowl and none of you listened! It’s awful!

    That said, the event, like last year, sounds like a great time and I’m superimpressed that Crunchy’s well-liked enough that all his teammates agree to it. It also seems like something that wouldn’t work in any other community! Go Buffalo! You guys rock!

  8. But how adorable is Hank? (Sooooo adorable.)

    I am seething with jealousy right now because WGRZ hates Macs. Seething! Hopefully I’ll be able to get it to play at work tomorrow.

  9. Yeah, I’ll have to wait til work tomorrow to watch the video Booooo! But I did collapse with glee at some pictures of Staffy gettin’ his rockstar on in Buffalo.com’s gallery.

  10. Dude, I didn’t even realize that was Crunchy in that picture until you guys started talking about his hair. I just assumed it was some high school emo chick hanging out near Staffy. Weird. I think that’s what Demetri Martin calls the “gay Beatle.”

    But how adorable is Hank? (Sooooo adorable.)

    Definitely, but I personally love how Yo-Yo is all, “Come on, Hank! Stop shakin’ it, and let’s get out of here. You’re embarrassing me!” That was a seriously handsome duo.

  11. can’t…..get……stupid……video…….to…..work!!!!!

  12. That was a seriously handsome duo.

    Gambler, I said that on IPB today! How unfair was it to put Hank and Yo-Yo out at the same time and so early in the show? Poor planning, Crunchy. Poor planning.

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