Soupy Rumors

February 4, 2008

I saw this on CNNSi this morning:

The Sabres haven’t ended contract talks with free-agent D Brian Campbell, but they’re not making much progress. The word is Buffalo won’t let Campbell go for nothing, and will move the defenseman before the trade deadline if he’s not re-signed. The Sharks, Senators, Penguins, Canucks, Rangers and Bruins have all made pitches for Campbell. The asking price: A player, prospect and No. 1 pick.

Heavens to murgatroid. Darcy really wants to get bang for his buck here, doesn’t he?

I think we could probably eliminate the Sens and Bruins from the Soupy Sweepstakes. Has Darcy ever made a trade to a divisional opponent, never mind a divisional opponent in the midst of the playoff hunt? That said, I wouldn’t mind if we got Volchenkov and Nick Foligno from the Sens. With the Sabres current luck, any trade with the Rangers would probably involve Drury coming back. Wouldn’t that be a fine reception, eh? If there was a deal with the Pens, I wouldn’t mind Letang.

The Sharks and the Canucks are more interesting trade partners, mainly because I don’t know enough about them. I know the Sabres need wingers like they need a hole in the head, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Mike Greer come back to Buffalo. He could provide some good veteran leadership in the room. (Sidebar: speaking of veteran leadership, where is the Captain announcement? Were they all so distracted from the Catwalk and watching the Super Bowl that they forgot to announce and/or vote?)

If Darcy did deal with the ‘Nucks, then I wouldn’t mind seeing Matty O come over. Or, one of the Sedin twins (that’s the “when pigs fly” trade). But then again, I don’t know how Pinky and the Brain would play without the other right there. And we’re also back to the “we need forwards like we need a hole in the head” dilemma.

Also seen on CNNSi this morning:

To some, the Devils coach Brent Sutter’s so-public bench critique of Jamie Langenbrunner Saturday would border on rebellion-inciting disrespect. To others, the captain’s response could qualify as insubordination. Each said both were neither. Langenbrunner nearly duplicated an earlier error by Arron Asham, and Los Angeles’ Jack Johnson ducked behind his back to close the Devils‘ lead to one goal. When Langenbrunner returned to the bench, Sutter let him have it. And Langenbrunner gave it back. All on camera.

A six goal night and the captain is getting screamed at? Makes me wonder what happens behind closed doors during a losing streak? Methinks Sutter didn’t get the coach-killing memo, or if he did, he’s completely ignoring it and writing a player-killing memo.



  1. Methinks Sutter didn’t get the coach-killing memo, or if he did, he’s completely ignoring it and writing a player-killing memo.

    There’s actually a really interesting pattern going on with Sutter yelling at players and players yelling back. I won’t go into detail because a) this is a Sabres blog and b) we’ll probably write about it on IPB soon, but it looks like for the first time in a long time there’s not any coach or player killing going on! It’s a strange, strange sight in Devil-land.

  2. You could add the Blackhawks to the trade rumors as well. Dale Tallon has made it known that he is looking at Brian Campbell.

  3. I think CNNSi got those rumours from Garrioch over the weekend. That said, I think the return on the current player front will be rather smaller than the players listed when it comes to the Canucks. I’d say that Ohlund alone is worth more than Campbell, leaving out the pick and prospect. And the Canucks can’t afford to trade away offense, so the Sedins would be way, way out for that reason among others.

    I would expect the return for Campbell to be pretty damn good though.

  4. I would expect the return for Campbell to be pretty damn good though.

    Anything in a trade is better than nothing as a UFA.

    I’d laugh if we got all worked up about these rumors and then magically Soupy gets re-signed at/before the deadline.

  5. I think if the Sabres worked something out with the Sharks, you’d be more likely to see a young winger like Setoguchi come over. SJ has become too attached to Grier, he’s probably next in line for the C behind Marleau. If the Sabres get a defenseman for Soupy, I’m thinking Erhoff or MacLaren would be the most likely candidates.

  6. SJ has become too attached to Grier

    Not to mention he was none-too-shy about his opinion of Sabres management when he left. I’d think he would be somewhat less than thrilled to be traded back. But, hey, Erhoff is German, isn’t he? We’ll take him! (This is why I’d make a horrible GM.)

  7. I think the Sedins are untouchable. Considering the Canucks drafted them and all, and invested so much time in them. And I would cry if Matty O left. But seriously Nonis…back away from the Soupy.

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