On the Power Play

February 5, 2008

Last night, on Time Warner Sports Channel, I found a little show called Power Play. Its a one-on-one half hour with a different Sabre each week. This week’s first victim guest was none other than Drew Stafford.

The host of the show – Jeremy White (aka Whitey of WGR) – was really relaxed and did a pretty good job of putting Stafford at ease. The show really does a good job of focusing on the player; their thoughts about the current status of the team, their hobbies off the ice and what makes them tick.

Stafford did share a little bit about the inner workings of the team. He mentioned that he’s a quiet guy in the room, that he’s not speaking up a lot yet just because he’s so young and he thinks no one would listen to him. He’s only 22 years old, and as much as we think he could be the next Chris Drury, he’s not there yet. Let’s not put too much pressure on the kid, before he burns out trying to do too much.

Stafford also gushed about his time at Shattuck-St. Mary’s, saying the coach was a big influence in his hockey career. He kind of brushed off the notion that it was special that he played with Sid, making a comment that he played with a lot of great guys who are now in the NHL.

In addition, Staffy’s also going to be putting out a CD this offseason. Please let it be Krooshul Tawnt type music and not “Fabian” type music. I don’t think Buffalo could handle Fabian.

There’s also an innovative segment called “The Gauntlet” The easiest way to describe it is a live action MySpace survey combined with a high school yearbook “Most Likely To” list. Staffy had to tell which of his teammates would best answer the question Some of the questions were kind of out there, but some of the answers were just as ridiculous.

Who would be most likely to lock himself out of the house / hotel room? Danny Paille

Who would be most likely to eat something off the floor? Danny Paille

Sounds like Danny Paille needs some adult supervision. And also, Staffy kept calling him Pie-sy. Does a name like Paille, or even Pie, really need to have a -sie at the end of it?

Who would be most likely to have a snake as a pet? Toni Lydman

Who talks the most about fashion? Ryan Miller (kind of surprised Roy-Z didn’t end up here. Then again, I can totally see Miller watching Project Runway.)

Who would be the most likely to pilot a plane if something happened to the pilot? Staffy, but he would try to be the hero and probably end up killing them all.

What player would you most want to take a run against? Chris Neil, because he needs to be dealt with, and Jordan Parise, because they’re friends.

Which player is most likely to have the rink lights turned off on him? Mike(y) Ryan or Gaustad. (I’m not surprised to hear Goose’s name here, since his work ethic was discussed during his ankle rehab last year, but Mike Ryan was a little bit of a surprise.)

What player is most likely to give up hockey and go find himself? Staffy originally said Pratt here, but changed his answer to Afinogenov, if only because the visual of Afinogenov in the woods was too much for him.

What player is most likely to have a roller skating party? Soupy. (You know, this kind of puts those rumors I’ve heard about some 4th wall things into a lot better perspective.)

What player is most likely to end up on YouTube? Soupy and Miller. Said with a rather sheepish “you’ve got to be careful these days.” Just his body language and the way he said it really makes me think that the team got a lecture about life in the age of YouTube.

Most embarassing moment: being afraid of the Zamboni at age 3. Ma and Pa Stafford got it on tape. He was skating around, saw the Zamboni coming and ran away and hid. I think the Staffy mythology just added another chapter, huh?

If the rest of the players have as much fun with this show as Staffy did, Power Play could be a really entertaining half-hour of TV each week.


WGR asked Lindy this morning about the Captaincy selections, specifically about why Roy-Z and Goose were not bestowed with a letter.

“With Derek, I feel he’s been a difference maker since he came back, and both (Roy and Gaustad) were in very serious considerations,” Ruff said. “A lot of it was based with the way Brian has played. Jochen has had probably the most consistent month out of any of our players. On the way assistant captain route, we went through all those guys, and the one guy who really stepped up in a tough time for us was Adam Mair, but Derek Roy and Paul Gaustad would’ve been excellent choices.”

Ruff admitted that experience played a role in the decision.

And there you have it. If I remember correctly, Yo-You, Mairsy and Soupy all have the most games in a Sabres uniform. I believe that all three were around during seasons where the team struggled to make the playoffs, if they did at all. They’ve got the experience in crunch time situations. Nothing against Goose and Roy-Z, but they’ve really only come of age in the happy-fun conference finals time.

That said, these guys are still deserving of a letter at some point.



  1. Sigh, I think the Sabres know that I already love Staffy so much its almost frightening. Why do they keep putting on these adorkably endearing things for me to watch?

    On a serious note: I really think the Sabres must have long term goals for keeping Staffy around. They’re doing a lot in recent months and weeks to get him in the foreground of the team’s public persona. Choosing to highlight him as a guitarist instead of Millsey for the BPO concert and making a big deal about going back to North Dakota, (they didn’t have to do that) and then posting both the video and a photo gallery of childhood pictures of Staffy on their website and having it as a leading story? They’re totally molding him into the more personable Chris Drury part deux.

  2. Awww… There Staffy, always with Jordan Parise talk. I bet it drives Zach batty that Staffy never wants to take a run at him. 😛

  3. They’re totally molding him into the more personable Chris Drury part deux.

    I kind of believe that. The kid does have personality in spades.

    There Staffy, always with Jordan Parise talk. I bet it drives Zach batty that Staffy never wants to take a run at him.

    I think Staffy would break Zach if he ever took a run at him. Jordan at least has all that protective goalie equipment on to keep him safe.

  4. Also, Staffy knows that Zach knows how to drive a Zamboni (fact).

  5. (Also, is this Power Play available online anywhere?)

  6. Awww, I totally forgot Power Play was starting back up! For some reason, Toni does seem like the Sabre most likely to own a pet snake and for some reason that cracks me up.

  7. Pookie, I would think Zamboni driving is a useful skill for a hockey player to have. If you’re at practice and the Zamboni driver doesn’t show, you can be the hero and clean the ice, not forcing one of the assistant coaches to do it with a shovel. (the latter is fact, as James Patrick had to clear the entire rink with a shovel).

    Sadly, Power Play is not archived online anywhere.

    Heather, if this show is in a similar repeat rotation as “The Enforcers,” it should run about 37 more times in the next week.

  8. *waits anxiously for one of the next 37 repeats with recorder ready to go*
    I checked the cable “menu” yesterday, and there were no repeats scheduled for the next 2 days, so maybe by Friday? I HOPE! I cannot wait to see some live-taped Staffy. *big sigh*

  9. PowerPlay with Drew is supposed to be re-broadcast this Saturday (the 8th) at 6:30pm on Channel 13 (whatever Time Warner Cable Access is) because they don’t have any new “episodes” to air yet.

    I caution you that if you want to go see a taping of PowerPlay that you arrive VERY early. I went to the one with Pommer last year and couldn’t even see him. I watched the taping on one of the TV’s in the bar.

    They do a signing afterward tho and there’s usually not more than a few hundred people so many (perhaps all, not sure) of the Sabres stay long enough to get everybody through. Don’t let the 13-year-old girls cut in front of you, either! I lost about 20 places because I was too nice.

    Went to the game. It was odd hearing 19,000 people say “Huh?” when they announced that Tallinder would shoot. I didn’t know he had so many teeth!

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