Warm and Fuzzy

February 11, 2008

Since its -18 below outside, here’s a warm and fuzzy picture to warm your heart.

Staffy no stomp Puppy. Staffy love Puppy.

(Photo from Buffalo.com)



  1. Sweet mother of GOD! Look at Staffy’s expression! Are you trying to kill me, Amy? 😀

  2. Look at how tenderly he’s holding the puppy paws!

  3. ….he might be thinking about eating that puppies brains though….

  4. he might be thinking about eating that puppies brains though…

    I thought THE SAME THING! Creepy!

  5. Oh my gosh! Staffy is freakin adorable. That should be on cute overload.

  6. Oh my gosh! Hockey players with puppies will take over the world. Staffy is freakin adorable.

  7. Wha- who? What happened. I was instantly overcome, and swooned onto my nearby fainting couch. Why is the whole world working in cahoots to render me completely helpless to Staffy’s charms?

  8. Omygod. Staffy! That’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. (but he does look like he’s about to eat the puppy’s brain…)

  9. Ahaha, awww!

    I love your blog, am def. blogrolling you!

  10. Pwease can I have a Staffy-puppy combo deal?

  11. I was melting looking at this picture last night. Absolutely melting. However, is that Petey that’s holding the puppy, or is it Crunchy? There’s a definite 5th Beatle haircut on the puppy holder.

  12. I keep coming back to this picture. For some reason, the way Staffy is holding those paws is absolutely killing me. (That’s totally Petey, Amy! Crunchy’s arms are toothpicks!)

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