More Proof that Hockey Players Have Horrible Taste In Clothing

February 12, 2008

We’ve all had our fair share of thoughts on Crunchy’s wardrobe, and Derek Roy’s pimpin’ fashion, but this shot of Rhett Warrener takes the cake for worst apparel item to be worn by a hockey player.

rhett.jpg I

I know it was at a charity event (at which the Flames raised over $400,000 CAD), but it definitely is not a good sartorial choice for Mr. Warrener. And I used to love Rhett Warrener when he was here. His partnership with Jay McKee (Rat and Cheese, they were called) made up the core of the Sabres defensive corps. He always seemed so lighthearted to the press, even during his quarantine with Soupy during the SARS scare. However, any residual love is being swallowed up by the shirt that ate Calgary!

Remember hockey players, just say no to ugly shirts!

In closing, I found this post on Fanhouse. Golden Griffins represent! Good to see the alma mater’s hockey team in the news for something hockey related instead of something scandalous off the ice.


  1. That is some shirt. Well, they don’t call Calgary cow town for nothing, I suppose. He’s just dressed for the Stampede a few months early.

  2. Whoa. That is one doofy looking getup there.

  3. …during his quarantine with Soupy during the SARS scare


  4. Patty, here’s Warrener telling the SARS story. It’s really pretty great.

  5. Oh, I remember that now. How funny!

  6. Wow!! If i saw that picture before the Anaheim Ducks’ Casino Night i think i would stayed home, but i’m glad no one on the Ducks dress like that for this years western theme.

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