Honk! Honk!

February 14, 2008

That sound you hear is the sound of GooseNation rising up in support of its fearless leader.

Last night, Paul Gaustad scored the only goal in a 1-0 win against the Laffs. He took a great pass from Danny Paille and bonked it off Toskala’s head for the only score of the night. I’m also amused that Miller kinda sorta called out Goose in his postgame comments:

“I’m glad he got that one. He was starting to squeeze [his stick] a bit. He’s trying to make the next step in his career and become a guy who can go out and get some points, and he’s really putting a lot of pressure on himself. It’s good to see him come through in a big game, and I expect more out of him.”

All those who say Miller isn’t a locker room leader can just go jump off a bridge. He’s holding his teammates to the same high standards he’s holding himself to.


One comment

  1. I love Millsey’s and Spacek’s interviews. They don’t generally mince words. Spacek is like painfully honest in his analysis of games and hs individual performance and Millsey doesn’t usually keep it a secret how he feels about the outcome of a game and his performance. Even if he doesn’t come right out and say that he’s angry or happy, you can always tell what’s going on in his head.

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