There’s No Place Like Home

February 15, 2008

Today’s Buffalo News features a great article about Pat Kaleta and his first NHL goal. Included in the article was a little internal debate on Pat’s part about whether to get his own house or still remain at home. Chiming in on this debate was none other than our beloved Soupy.

“Why, dude?!” the defenseman exclaimed from the next locker stall. “Don’t move, dude! Mom’s car! Your fridge is full! You don’t know how many times my fridge is empty. Keep it!”

As Soupy is illustrating, there really is no place like home.

Moving on…

– In light of the fact that Philly’s rough and tough style of play has come under criticism from the league and fans, should they really have “vengeance” as their main website header?

– Is there really a need for a third season of Flava of Love? And this is coming from a person who watches the Real World / Road Rules Challenges religiously, even though its the same twenty people “competing” over and over again.


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