Media Mix and Match

February 20, 2008

– I love that the Buffalo News is finally giving Pratt and Kalinin some love. They’ve been a rock steady defensive pairing over the past couple of weeks. Its pretty good that they’re at a plus-1 in the last five games, including not drawing a negative in any of them. Tri’s name is starting to pop up in some trade rumors, now that the deadline is only a week away. I do have to ask management why you would want to break up one of your more solid pairings? And “for thrills and giggles” is not an acceptable answer.

– Last night’s newscast showed Soupy vehemently denying that he had a deal in place with the Sabres. I’m really starting to feel bad for Soupy. He was close to tears denying this latest rumor. Some of you might be thinking that he made his own bed by taking negotiations public, but this is just getting uncomfortable for everyone. Its starting to affect his on-ice performance, and it can’t be good for the guy mentally to constantly be thinking that every time he comes to the rink in the next week might be his last time as a Sabre.

– Last night I listened to Goose’s interview with Schopp and the Bulldog on the WGR website. The station was nice enough to archive the entire interview, which was a good 40 minutes in length (the perfect thing to listen to while reading Project Runway recaps, IMO). The length of the interview allowed for some really good topics to be discussed, including how Goose came to the station that day. Schopp and Bulldog made fun of him for taking the longest route known to mankind, especially in the afternoon. (He took the 198 to the 33 to the 90 to the 290, in case you were wondering. And I do agree that he took a really, really, long circuitous route.) They offered to give him directions to use things like side streets, so that going from Buffalo to Amherst wouldn’t be such an ordeal.

Goose also talked about what makes him fight. He only fights to defend teammates or change the momentum in the game. He’s not going to fight just for thrills and giggles, and a good part of being a professional player is knowing when to walk away from a fight, knowing that it might shift momentum to the other team.

Schopp and the Bulldog also brought up this cnnsi.com column, which included the Goose as one of the writer’s choices for a spot on the 2010 Olympic team. The writer would have him playing on a fourth line with Mike Greer. When told about the article, and his placement with Greer, Goose sounded like a kid in a candy store. He was also excited about the other names on the list, including Miller. However, Goose also mentioned that he was shocked that Pommerdoodle was not on the list. Apparently, the Doodle has dual citizenship with the US and Canada. (I’m putting that on my list as my “I learned something new today.”)

Speaking of the Goose and the Pommerdoodle, we already know that they’re roomies on the road (along with Hecht / Crunchy and Mair / Patches). However, there’s been a disruption in Roomie-land, as Pommerdoodle has now won control of the remote in the hotel room. A bet was made on the Seahawks / Packers football game. Winner got remote. Goose was for the Seahawks, and with a 14-point lead, he was pretty confident, even engaging in a little trash talking. However, he soon lost the bet, as the Pack came back to win. Goose has let it be known that he is not happy with this outcome, and Pommers has let him know he doesn’t care. Ha.

Goose also talked about what its like to play with the flu / strep (flep? frep?), which he had a couple of weeks ago. The illness talk lead into a discussion about players losing weight during games. I didn’t know that players could lose as much as 6-8 pounds during a game, and that they were weighed before and after games. (I have a love / hate relationship with my scale, so I can’t imagine stepping on it twice a day.) It also lead to a pretty hilarious exchange about what its like for Miller, who doesn’t have 6-8 pounds to lose on a good day.

– I also caught a little bit of Time Warner’s Power Play show this weekend. Pat Kaleta was the guest star. He didn’t have a lot of good detail to share about the team, considering he’s still a newbie. A lot of what he shared was about the guys in Rochester. However, this show is not doing much to rid me of the perception that Danny Paille needs adult supervision. Kaleta named him as the person most likely to forget to put on their skates before going on the ice. This is in addition to Staffy naming him most likely to eat something that fell on the floor and most likely to lock himself out of the house / hotel.

– And there’s a game tonight. Whoo-hoo! And Project Runway Reunion show! And the Mythbusters McGuyver episode. Whoo-hoo! My DVR’s going to be busy tonight.



  1. I think I enjoy your recaps of interviews more than the interviews themselves. Not that I don’t want to hear Paul Gaustad talking in my ear, but you tend to save a lot of time by pulling out important information such as RemoteGate 2008 and that Paul Gaustad needs a GPS. He totally lives around the corner from me, I should swing by and give him directions. I wonder if he gets to the arena via the 190? Haha.

  2. Do any of those rumours involve Tri going to ATL? We’ll take him. Please? You want Hossa? Can we have anyone but Soupy, too?

    I must now listen to this. Why am I completely unsurprised Goose and Pommers room together? Now I must scour the internets for a goose and a pommerdoodle, because if that wouldn’t be the funniest damned thing ever, I don’t know what would.

  3. I believe that Pommer’s mom is an American, which also may explain why he speaks English so well (the stammer notwithstanding). The stammer is cute – I think he just gets nervous during interviews.

    However, here’s a fun drinking game. During the Sabres post-game show, drink every time you hear Pommerdoodle say “You know what” or “I mean”, Miller say “the boys”, or any of them say “I was just lucky enough to get my stick on it.” You’ll be plowed in only 1/2 hour! Well, if you weren’t plowed by drinking heavily during the game itself.

  4. Paul Gaustad needs a GPS.

    That he does. I know the general area in which he lives, and that makes me wonder why he took the longest way possible to get to Amherst. There’s about 5 different ways to reach Corporate Parkway that I would take before I took the highway loop from hell.

    Why am I completely unsurprised Goose and Pommers room together

    Pommers did an interview on the Sabres site, and I guess their roommate-ness goes back to their Rochester days, as they’ve been roomies for 6 years.

    Amanda, imagine how much more hammered you would get if you included the quirks of Sylvester, Rayzor and Roby.

  5. Amy, your recapping the interviews are an invaluable service to us non-primary fans of the Sabres! Keep up (uo?) the good work!

    Also, I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for MacGyver Mythbusters. I’m sure all of my favorite hockey players have also been eagerly awaiting it! 🙂

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