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February 21, 2008

– I admit to tuning out of the Sabres game a wee bit early last night. I really thought their goose was cooked after going down 2-0. After a few minutes of Idol, I flipped back to the game and saw that it was 2-1. Then back to Idol. Then back to the game (I have remote control ADD, why do you ask?), where it was 3-1. Continuing to think the goose was cooked, imagine my surprise when after another series of channel flips I saw that the team narrowed it to 3-2. Then tied it up at 3-3. You bet I did not change that channel after it was tied.

I did like the fire I saw coming from the team once they realized that they had a shot to win the game. However, I’d rather see that fire spread out across the entire game and not in the last five minutes.

– Hooray for Vanek getting his second career hat trick. I’m happy that he seems to have put whatever demons behind him and is finally playing like the player we all know he is.

– I really, really like the Vanek / Connolly / Roy line. They were complete beasts on the ice last night. Lindy seems to have found something there. I also would bet that Timmy and Lindy are having a battle over whether or not Timmy plays tonight against Toronto. Lindy said before yesterday’s game that Timmy wouldn’t play, but after the chemistry he had with Roy-Z and Vanek, I wouldn’t be so sure.

– Is it wrong that I laughed for a good while at the PSA for the Sabres Food Drive with Sabretooth showing up with a 50 pound bag of Nine Lives to donate? Rob Ray’s “Tooth! People food!” really put me over the edge.

– I’m optimistic that Darcy and Soupy’s agent are still talking, but I just want both sides to come to an agreement already. Sign him or trade him, just do something so we can all stop talking about it.

– Who did Mike Ryan piss off that he sat last night and Andrew Peters played? I really thought that Ryan was playing well the past couple of games.

– If Harry Neale mentioned one more time that the Sabres had only scored two goals in their last two games, I was going to throw something at the TV set.

– Non-hockey related: did anyone else notice that Victorya had a case of permanent bitchface during the Project Runway reunion show?