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As The Contracts Turn

February 22, 2008

– TSN’s reporting that Soupy’s agent has rejected the Sabres latest offer of $5.5-$5.75 million a season because the length of the deal is too short. When did a three year deal become a short deal? That would secure him until he’s 32, and still leave him room to get another big UFA deal when this one is up.

Then again, if he had agreed to the deal, the Sabres would have had roughly $16 million tied up in three players (Vanek, Roy and Soupy) in 2010-11. We know Miller’s a UFA next year and is going to warrant a significant increase over the $3.5 he’ll make next year. That’s more money locked up that couldn’t be used to sign other players. I know the salary cap is going up, but its not going to go up that much to allow teams to continue to sign players to these outrageous deals.

Still a 300% raise is nothing to sneeze at. Just saying.

– I did have to laugh at the fact that Toronto GM Cliff Fletcher is in some hot water with the rest of the GMs. He had a deal worked out that would have sent Kaberle to the Flyers. The deal was completed, except for one little fact. No one forgot to ask Kaberle if he would wave his no trade clause! When asked Kaberle basically laughed in Fletcher’s face, so the deal was off.

I do think that Toronto is caught between a rock and a hard place with having 9 players have no trade clauses. They really can’t work out any deals, knowing that a player could poo-poo it at any time. I know that Fletcher is working out deals done under the old regime, but its got to be tough for him to right the ship with all those no trade clauses sitting out there. Contrast that with Anaheim, who only has one player with an NTC: Giggy. The only reason Giggy has the clause is so that his son can receive medical care from the same doctors he’s had since birth. What GM wouldn’t give a guy an NTC for that reason?

– Speaking of laughing, Danny Briere was booed at the Flyers game last night every time he touched the puck. Did we mention it was a home game? Oh Danny. Just think of it as warm-up for Monday’s game in Buffalo.

– This photo was taken at last night’s Bruins / Panthers game.

All those that said that Buffalo fans are classless in away arenas can just go pound rock salt.

-Finally, all this contract and trade business is enough to drive one crazy. I need to go to a happy place.

There, that’s better.