I Hate Shootouts. And Goalies. And Slag Faced Whores

February 25, 2008

That should about cover it all, right?

I also hate teams that blow three goal leads. Three goals. That takes talent. And lately, our team has talent. Just not the good kind.

I’m in a mood right now that the entire team (well, except for Staffy. And Yo-Yo. And Goose) should be traded for some catfish, a bag of pucks and a Zamboni battery. I don’t know why this team manages to fail so spectacularly so often. You could tell that as soon as they got that three goal lead, they sat back on their heels. Then, once it was tied, they started playing for overtime and the guaranteed point.

They lost to a team that was on a ten-game losing streak. And, the insult to the injury, was Danny Briere scoring the game-winning goal in the shootout. But the game should never have gotten to the shootout because they had a three goal lead. Its very disheartening that these guys are doing this repeatedly.

Let me also discuss Crunchy for a moment. Last year, he was rock solid in shootouts. This year, a three-year old could probably beat him. Does he need some new elastic in the leopard print jock? Maybe a new spangly bedazzled lining for it? (I heard Roy-Z’s a whiz with the bedazzler. Maybe they could have craft time in the locker room.) Something, anything. Crunchy’s killing me lately.

However, Crunchy did provide me with a little bit of amusement during warm-ups. He kind of kicked a puck around and hid it under his skate while standing at the bench. Then he stick-handled around with it for awhile. He’s not a puck handler by any means, but he was having fun with it. During the game, I really wanted to bungee cord him to the posts, he was worrying me a little bit with all his wandering outside of the crease. If bungee cords weren’t available, I would’ve settled for one of those harnesses you see people putting around their young children that allow them to walk but under parental control. Just stay in the darn crease.

Anyways, I did take a little joy (just a little) in the Sens loss to the Leafs.

Is there some irony in Andrew Peters doing a PSA for domestic violence? Petey does not give good PSA. Goose gives good PSA. Pommerdoodle gives good PSA. Petey, not so much.

And I have a migraine from sitting in a idling car in a parking ramp for 20 minutes because people don’t know how to get out of downtown Buffalo.

But anyways, I wanted to share some of my photos from tonight’s game.


We’re following the leader, the leader.


Opening face off.


Celebrate good times, c’mon.


Roy-Z getting a little scrappy.


Hank and Crunchy confabbing about Soupy, whether he’s worth a fish fry, or a beef on weck. Crunchy says fish, while Hank goes for the beef.


  1. What parking garage did you get stuck in?

  2. The one right next to Dunn Tire Park. Normally, that ramp is a pretty quick in and lot, but last night was ridiculous.

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