Shark Soup

February 26, 2008

After many long years, a SARS scare and god only knows how many fourth wall issues, Brian Campbell’s career as a Sabre has come to an end.

I don’t wish any ill will on you Soupy. I do wish you luck in San Jose. You’re at least reunited with Greer and Brown, two guys that are fantastic hockey players and even better people. I’m still a little pissed that you invoked Zednik’s name as one of your reasons for wanting a bigger deal. You may be looking out for #1, but it comes across as cocky and arrogant.

Now onto Bernier. I admit to being a little scared when Cork from OC called him a FaFu (that’s PG forum speak for Fat Fuck). But after looking at the stats, he’s roughly the same weight as Goose and height as Kotalik. Not bad at all. And he’s got the awesome nickname of Big Bear. Please put him on a line with Goose. I want to see a Goose and a Bear play hockey together.

Hopefully, all this drama will be put behind both the team and the fans, and we all can concentrate on the playoff push.

Updated with a SHUT UP BUCKY!

I realize a blog is a commentary, but stop throwing the damn team under the bus! Its getting old!

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