Trade Deadline Bloggy Fun

February 26, 2008

The New York Times hockey blog Slap Shot recently posted the following questionaire, and asked independent bloggers from each team to fill out the questionnaire and those answers would be published in the Times blog. The wonderful Katebits of The Willful Caboose provided a Buffalo fan perspective, but like Pookie and Schookie of Interchangeable Parts, I wanted to play too.

a) Will your team make the playoffs, and if so, how far will they get?

I live in Buffalo. I’m conditioned to accept doom and gloom at every turn. If the Sabres make the playoffs, they’ll squeak in by the hairs on Miller’s chinny-chin-chin.

b) What team would you most like to see fail this year, and why?

The Rangers or the Flyers. Just because of the slag faced whore factor.

c) What is your fondest memory of your team or a player on your team?

There’s a few:

– Max’s swan dive at Center Ice after scoring the game winner in Game 5 against the Rangers last year, followed by the shots of 10,000 screaming people in the plaza.

– Pominville’s short-handed goal against the Sens in 2005. He ran around Alfie and faked out Emery something fierce. That team was good, scary good.

– Chris Drury getting his first career hat trick against the Rangers last season. The game happened the night after the October surprise storm, so for many of the 18,690 people in that building, the game represented a chance to be in a place with heat and electricity for the first time in over 48 hours.

– The brawl game against Ottawa. Whether it was Marty getting in the fight (Hey Lindy, I’m brawling!), Staffy sticking up for Drury against Neil, or Lindy and Brian Murray going at it, it was a night to remember.

d) What player would you most like to see checked right through the Zamboni doors?

Chris Neil. Only if Goose can do it. Can we make this happen? Please? Pretty please! I’ll be a good little recycler and recycle all of my cans and bottles (even the gross ones like BBQ sauce and ketchup) if we can make this happen.

e) Shootouts — yea or nay?

After last night, definite nay. If a game remains tied at the end of overtime, let it remain tied. This isn’t Junior Pairs ’82. I’m not going to feel jipped if there’s not a winner at the end of the game. Hockey managed to exist quite nicely before the shootout.


This morning’s Buffalo News reported that Miller really snapped regarding Soupy’s contract situation. And unlike yesterday’s reported cracking, this is not an attempt at humor.

“It’s just been way too much of a circus around Brian,” he said. “It’s over [today] and we move on. There’s so many things flying around this time of year you just can’t buy into any of it.

“. . . If you believe everything that’s been said by the media, honestly what do you guys really know? No offense, but there are only a handful of people — and they’re not standing in this locker room — that know what’s going on. So really it’s speculation and it’s something you can’t focus on.”

He does have a point, but he shouldn’t be mad at the media for talking about it. Soupy’s the one that decided to take his negotiations public.

And go John Vogl for throwing Ecklund of Hockeybuzz under the bus!


  1. I’ll be a good little recycler and recycle all of my cans and bottles (even the gross ones like BBQ sauce and ketchup) if we can make this happen.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Great answers, Amy!

    As for the shootout, I am dismayed by how many of the bloggers in the NYT project were like, “Yeah! Shootouts are FUN!” I firmly believe that every fan will at some point say what you just said — “After last night, definite nay.” There just comes a point where every team is going to lose a heartbreaker over something as stupid as a skills competition. (Also, love the Cutting Edge reference.)

  2. I find it so annoying that Miller is getting angry at the reporters for asking about the Campbell situation. Hockey, like all professional sports, is a)news and b)part of the entertainment industry. The reporters are doing their job and Miller should just go about doing his rather than getting his panties in a twist.

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