Crunchy Goodness

February 27, 2008

– Perry’s Ice Cream in Buffalo has a tradition of making ice cream flavors that are a nod to local sports teams and events. This year is no exception. According to Business First, Perry’s is going to debut a new flavor called “Breakaway Berrier,” inspired by some of Ryan Miller’s favorite things. It will be a dark chocolate ice cream with swirls of raspberry and fudge chunks. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Steadfast Foundation.

While I do love Perry’s Piece of Cake and Birthday Cake flavors, I’m a little nervous how this flavor is going to turn out. I was really disappointed in their Sabres flavor last year. I’m also really amused by the name, since Breakaway Berrier sounds like some sort of contraceptive device.

And this may have to change my impression of Mr. Vanilla Crunchy. He likes chocolate! And berries! Together!

– The news last night had footage of Bernier arriving at the BNIA. I’m impressed that fans were already going up to him and asking for pictures. This woman had him pose with her little girl, who was in a stroller. He’s looking all adorable, and this poor girl is near tears and hiding her face behind her hands. He did take it really well, however. After hearing a bit of his interview, I’m this close to adding him to my list of people that I would listen to read the phone book, since the way he says “Pominville” is completely adorable to my Buffalo accented ears. (My “read the phone book list” also contains Elliot Sadler and the cast of The West Wing, in case you were wondering.)

– The Buffalo News has some great comments from the team regarding the Soupy departure. There’s also some comments about the upcoming contract renewals. We all know Miller’s the most important potential UFA coming up. He’s the present and future of the franchise. But there’s also Goose, Paille and C-Mac hitting RFA this year. The following comment came from Goose after practice yesterday:

“I’m not focused on my situation at all,” Gaustad said. “My focus is totally on [tonight’s] game. It’s sad to see guys go but you have to move on. Life is all about changes and so is hockey. We just have to stick together as a team.

Amen. I’m sure Goose is aware his contract is up, but he’s not letting it affect him. I also like that he’s pushing for the team to stick together as a group. Only the 23 guys – and Lindy – in that room can play the game and right the ship that is the Sabres season.

– If Soupy left, and Jochen’s broken temporarily, then Adam Mair is the default captain. Who gets to wear the A’s in the short term? Or will Lindy just say f-it, and not do anything until March? I vote for Assistant Captain Goose, but then again, I don’t get a vote.

– And to the reader who found SOTC by searching for “Toni Honk Games,” please let me know if you found what you were looking for. I hust have this weird image of Toni and Goose playing Scrabble, with Goose honking indignantly that Toni’s using Finnish words to help him win.

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