Welcome to Buffalo, Big Bear!

February 28, 2008

Q: What kind of bear is best?

A: Big Bear!

(Apologies to The Office. Another correct answer would have been black bear.)

What a way for Bernier to start his Sabres career. He had two goals and an assist, and was one linesman away from getting a Gordie Howe hat trick. He had his fist cocked and was ready to whomp on the Nashville player at the end of the game until the linesman got in the way.

I saw his postgame interview on the [Product Placed] Shootout, and I think this kid is going to fit in well in Buffalo. He loves that the fans count up all the goals with the 1, 2, 3…we want 4 chant. Andrew Peters also had a lot to say about “Bernie.” I think we’ll be sticking with the Big Bear nickname here at SOTC, although the “Weekend at Bernie’s” schtick could be too good to pass up in the future.

Random fact about Bernier: he was drafted in the same year as Vanek and ahead of the Devils Parise.

– What a great physical game played by both teams. Peters and Mair both fought (though Mair kind of got his ass kicked), and Goose wanted to go after that snot nosed punk Scott Nichol, but was thwarted by the ref. The ref should’ve just let him go at it. I did like seeing the replay from last season of Marty whomping away on Nichol after he sucker punched Spacek. Still funny almost two years later.

I also loved the scrap at the end of the game where Tim Connolly came flying into the fray to stick up for Derek Roy. Tim Connolly of all people! Someone should also tell Roy that we read lips, since he was letting f-bombs drop left and right at the end of that one.

– I like that the fans didn’t boo JP Dumont. His leaving had nothing to do with slag faced whorishness, and I’m glad the fans realize that.

– I’m glad he’s not hurt, but the clip of Miller falling over in slow motion after taking a puck to the mask is hysterical. After repeated viewings, you almost wanted to yell “Tiiiiiiimmmberrrr” as you knew he was going down. His nose looked a little puffy during the postgame interview, but nothing too atrocious. I did find it amusing that he had no idea that the puck went into the net after he went down. Back in the locker room, he had to see the replay to know what happened.

Another unique statistic from last night is that all four goalies were scored upon in the second period. How many times does that happen?

I saw this article on a message board regarding Miller’s contract situation and had to laugh at this quote from Crunchy:

“The earliest you can do it is July, and I like to celebrate my birthday in July and just have fun, so I don’t think it’s going to happen then,”

Oh, boy. The guy is entitled to an off-season and a chance to wind down, but this is going over like a lead fart on the message boards. They seem to think that Miller is going to jump ship at the end of his deal. I don’t think that’s going to happen, since the fans will burn this town down if it does. But wouldn’t a bright, shiny new contract worth a lot of money be a great birthday gift for Crunchy?


  1. Ever since Pierre freakin’ McGuire opened his fat mouth and declared Millsey would be a Red Wing before long, people have been freaking out. Everyone knows we traded Soupy to keep Millsey, so now, less than 48 hours later, people are already waiting for the big contract extension to be announced.

  2. Heh. That’s hilarious that Crunchy is protective of his birthday party. I think he’s just effing with us. He’s all riled because he didn’t like how the Soupy stuff played out in the press, so now he’s being a brat. That’s why we LOVE Crunchy!

  3. Royz was pissed that one of his perfectly coiffed hairs was shifted out of place. You can’t blame a brother. You know how long it takes to get hair that looks that awesome?!

  4. That slow-mo replay of Miller falling over was awesome. Mark and I cackled every time they showed it.

    Loved all the scrapping with the shot of Kaleta and Kalinin bumping fists in the penalty box being my personal highlight. Hilarious and adorable.

  5. Fact: Bears eat beets.

    Great post Amy.

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