Sabres Alphabet

March 1, 2008

A is for Afinogenov. He came back to the lineup last night after almost two months out. And was thrown under the bus after the game for too many turnovers.

B is for Bernier.  Big Bear made quite an impression in his Sabres debut. Two goals, and an assist. He wasn’t half bad last night, either.

C is for Connolly. When he’s not injured, he’s an asset to the team. Sadly, the boy seems to be made of glass, as he’s hurt way too often for his own good.

D is for Depth. Something the Sabres have at forward, but not so much on defense.

E is for effort. A 60 minute effort is required to win the game. Do I need to get some sock puppets to explain it to the team?

F is for “Fuck it all.” Or what Crunchy was screaming as he left the ice at the end of the second period last night.

G is for Goose. He lead the team in hits last night and stood up for Pat Kaleta. This is his second physical game in a row. Oh yeah, he gives good PSA, too.

H is for HONK. If you’re out and about, give a honk for the Goose.

I is for Interview. Some players give better interviews than others. Spacek’s thoughtful but unintelligible, Soupy sometimes looked like he wanted to cry, and Miller can sometimes give off an appearance of wanting to punch out the entire press corps. And, based on the camera position, you can sometimes learn a lot about the player. Do they stow their gear neatly or throw it haphazardly into their locker? Is their undershirt neat and tidy, or ready to be consigned to the rag bin? Do they have the five gallon vat of “protein supplement” chilling out on a shelf?

J is for Jeanneret. RJ’s a Sabres institution. Think of all of the memorable calls he’s had. “Scary Good.” “Millllller…robs him blind.” “The population of Pominville goes up by one.” He knows exactly how to pace his play-by-play calls, making watching a game that much more enjoyable.

K is for Kaleta. The kid has got great enthusiasm and can deliver a good solid check. I’m just afraid he’s going to end up in the third row the next time he misses a check.

L is for Lydman.  The other half of the five and ten combo. He’s such a contradiction: a guy with a strong like for heavy metal music, yet not afraid to admit that he’s doing an interview while at an amusement park with his famiy.

M is for Miller. I love that our goalie is so quirky. He has a leopard print jock, likes fashion, owns a clothing store, runs a charity and has his own ice cream flavor. Not to mention, when he has his playoff beard, he gets a little Crunchy looking.

N is for No Goal. Brett Hull’s foot was in the damn crease. The end.

O is for “Oh fuck.” What I’ve been saying during and after games lately. Usually happens after someone gets in on a breakaway on Miller.

P is for Pratt. This in-season pickup has been a solid addition to the Sabres defense. And he has a mean streak. He’s not afraid to stand up to anyone that knocks around Crunchy and he’s gotten into a few fights this season.

Q is for Quiet. What you never want it to be at a hockey arena.

R is for Robitaille and Ray. These two add an unintentional comedy element to the postgame show. They can barely stand each other and pick on each other all the time. While they both have insightful analysis, the real joy of the postgame is watching these two go at it. They’re also responsible for one of my favorite moments this year: Ray completely losing it after seeing the 1976 HNIC video of Roby.

S is for Stafford. Not only is he a World Junior Gold Medalist but he’s also a darn good guitar player. He also loves puppies.

T is for Tallinder. Say it with me. Ta-leen-der. He’s also the only Sabre to wear a neck protector since Zednik’s injury.

U is for Upper Deck. The 300 level is one of the best places to watch a game. The fans are rowdier and you have a great view of the entire ice.

V is for Visor. How many times does a player have to get hit in the eye before he realizes a visor is a pretty good idea?

W is for Win. Something the Sabres can’t seem to do consistently.

X is for the X on Lindy’s dry erase board. I enjoy seeing what play Lindy and the coaching staff have developed on a time out. Its interesting to see a play go from X’s and O’s on a drawing board to live action on the ice.

Y is for Yippee Paille Motherfucker. Probably the best potential goal call that will never make the air. (Thanks for pointing it out originally, Heather.)

Z is for Zamboni. The inspiration for this whole post.



  1. Y is for Yippee Paille Motherfucker. Probably the best potential goal call that will never make the air. (Thanks for pointing it out originally, Heather.)

    How much would I pay to hear that?! What are they gonna do, fire RJ? Come on, RJ, make it happen! (And you’re welcome.)

  2. Ha! You stole my nickname for Connolly – I call him “Mr. Glass”. And how freegin’ funny would it be to hear “Yippee Paille Motherfucker”? I would fall off the couch laughing.

  3. This is such an adorable idea for a post!

  4. Awww! Great post, Amy!

  5. Thanks for the kind words. This was actually a really fun post to write. I was shopping for kids books for my cousin’s impending arrival, and got inspired from that. I actually had a lot of ideas for some of the letters, enough to create a Volume II of this post at some point.

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