Whee! That Was Fun

March 5, 2008

– Did Max hear Lindy screaming at Tri and decide to take his advice to heart? Seriously, that was one of the best games I’ve seen from Max in a heck of a long while. I’m impressed that he managed to find the 1/8th of an inch space between Marty and the post on his second goal.

– Speaking of Lindy and Tri, the Buffalo News sheds more light on their little conversation yesterday. Lindy used Tri as the mindfuck for the entire team. Scream at the guy in front of the team and make them realize that Tri could be them. Absolutely brilliant! I also love John Vogl’s description of a pissed off Lindy:

“The mouth tightens between spurts of profanities. The eyes squint, as if trying to send out daggers. Then, after his head angrily turns away for a moment, the scrunched face and squint return. The index finger points in the face of the person who’s drawn his ire.”

That makes Lindy sound like someone you wouldn’t want to run across in a dark alley.

– Looking back, I wonder if Lindy tempted fate by calling up Sejkera and benching Tri. With the Sabres defensive situation and lack of depth at that position, you knew the other shoe would drop and someone would get hurt. Hank was not my pick to get hurt, not that I wished any of the defense would get hurt, mind you. However, Hank’s collision was pretty scary. He dropped to the ice like a bag of wet cement and laid there motionless. However, who decided that Pommers and Roy-Z (two of the shorter guys on the team) should help the tallest defenseman off the ice. I also didn’t like how woozy Hank looked when he was skating off the ice. Also, really classy Philly fans to boo an injured player as he left the ice. However, booing your own team at the end of the game…carry on.

C’mon Crunchy, smile. Your team won the game!

– The Versus announcers were annoying the living heck out of me. They practically gave Philly an announcing bj, excusing their poor play last night because what seemed like half their team was out of the lineup. Then they were also praising the young guys on Philly for their style of play. So which is it, Versus-announcer-guys? Either the guys sucked last night or they didn’t? Its an either/or, not both.

– I also didn’t like how over 10 minutes of the second period went without a play-by-play call because we had to interview the head of the NHLPA. Is he a worthwhile interview subject? Absolutely, but not during the game. Maybe I’m just spoiled by RJ and Harry Neale. Sure, they have their tangents, but they reign themselves back in and concentrate on the game.

– The unintentionally funny moment of the game came during the first perioid. Miller was knocked around in the crease by Upshall, and then starts whomping away at him, chasing him behind the net. All five skaters for both teams soon pile in, while the ref tries to pull Crunchy out of the fracas. Note that Crunchy did not willingly be pulled out of the fracas. He looked like he wanted to keep whomping away. Meanwhile, at the Philly blue line, Marty’s standing there all alone, looking like he wanted to join in on the fun. I would have loved to have seen Crunchy and Marty go at it. As the Versus announcers put it, they’re two of the skinniest fat guys you’ll ever see.

– I’m also really amused by John Stevens’ whining about Roy-Z being the fifth man on the ice during a four-on-four. What does Stevens want the refs to do after the fact? Recall the goal? The Sabres would still have won the game.



  1. I loved that the announcer said Miller came out of his crease like a Spider monkey (it was totally his announcing high point). My roommate very seriously said that Spider monkeys don’t like people getting in their personal space either. 🙂

  2. I keep saying it, I would pay a great deal of money to watch Ryan Miller and Martin Biron duke it out. It would be the worst fight in history and I’d love every awkward open palm slapping second of it.

  3. I didn’t realize Marty was so gangly too. I would’ve been upset to see Ryan get tossed but it might’ve been worth it to see him and Marty go, probably both giggling the entire time.

    Hank looked so woozy that I’m still partially convinced that “shoulder” is code for “concussion.”

  4. Hank looked so woozy that I’m still partially convinced that “shoulder” is code for “concussion.”

    I thought “upper body injury” was code for concussion.Or is that code for “his arm fell off?” I can never keep track of what that means.

    WGR would have been all over a Ryan/Marty brawl. I could only imagine the faux “Marty Miked” dialogue they would have come up with.

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