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On the Grid With Pommers

March 6, 2008

Each week, Sports Illustrated polls four athletes from the major sports on a variety of pop culture questions. This week, one of the included athletes was our very own Pommerdoodle. Lets see how the little Doodle does in the world of pop culture. Pommers was asked the following:

SI: Flava Flav is:

JP: I don’t know what that means.

SOTC: *headdesk.* JP, get thee to VH1 as soon as possible, please. Flava Flav is part of the trashiest bit of reality TV ever: Flava of Love. Even if you don’t watch VH1, Flav is the guy that wears the ginormous clocks and has a very bizarre friendship with Bridgette Nielsen.

SI: A President should have a very big…

JP: House.

SOTC: Good answer. Also acceptable would have been cojones.

SI: I’d never date a woman who…

JP: Has dated Tommy Lee.

SOTC: Also a good answer. But then again, do Tommy Lee exes and hockey chickies overlap all that much?

SI: Sport you play the worst…

JP: Soccer.

SOTC: Pommers has apparently learned soccer from his teammates. They appear not to play it too well, either.

And in case anyone is wondering, the last movie that made Pommers cry get choked up at was “Gone Baby Gone” with Ben Affleck. I haven’t seen it, but the IMDB synopsis makes it sound really riveting. (I have no room to talk in regards to crying at movies. I cried at RENT for pete’s sake, and I knew the story already.)

For the full grid, including answers from other athletes, pick up this week’s SI (the one with NCAA b-ball on the cover.)


A New Theory

March 6, 2008

– I really think that there’s a correlation between the enjoyment that I receive from intermission features and the current status of the Sabres. For instance, Sunday against Detroit featured Miller making ice cream and the hilarious shot of him wearing the shower cap, goggles and lab coat. We all know what happened in that game. Then last night, we had Stafford playing sled hockey with the Buffalo Sabres Sled Hockey squad. (Which, I would like to point out, has 7 members on Team USA. So go team!). I’m joining Staffy in being impressed by these guys ability to not only control the sleds and the puck, but also move so quickly up the ice. You could really tell that Staffy was having a good time trying to figure out how it worked. There was one point where he let out a “holy…” and I couldn’t tell if he stopped himself from the shit or it was edited out. I also noticed that the sled he was riding in came with a seat belt, while the rest of the sled hockey players were not belted in.

Staffy also mentioned that the sled hockey would be a good core workout for someone. Watch it kid, or Lindy just might think that sled hockey would be a good bonding exercise for the team. On a completely shallow note, Staffy looked good in jeans (hello, caboose) and I think he got a haircut, since he’s no longer rocking the fringe outside the helmet and hat.

– Moving on, can the Sabres play the rest of their games on the road? Maybe they need to get away from the home cooking, the puckbunnies and the local nightlife and just focus on hockey. Their home record is killing me.

– I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Sejkera’s play. I admit to not being thrilled by his callup, since Tri was perfectly healthy, but the kid logged the most ice time against the Flyers and had a solid 19 minutes against the Caps.

– I still think that the no goal was a goal. There’s about a half-second delay between the puck crossing the line and the whistle going. I heard RJ and Harry say that if any part of the puck is on the goal line, its no goal. But why is the opposite true for onsides? If there’s any part of the puck that’s on the blue line, the puck is still onside. I don’t get it, NHL. I do have to give the players credit for keeping their cool on the bench, and for politely disagreeing with the NHL’s call during postgame interviews.

– And where have I been that I had no idea that Olie Kolzig was from South Africa? I thought he was Swedish or Norwegian.

– Ovie should’ve gotten an interference penalty for his takedown of Big Bear. However, the only thing that it got was a goal for Washington, and a 9.5 from the Ukranian judge on Big Bear’s spin.

– So after the game, I decide to cheer myself up by watching General Hospital and MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives off my DVR. Yeah, that probably wasn’t the best idea. In the past week, GH has had (by my count) six people get strangled. And its not the traditional soapy strangling. They’ve been very ugly, brutal scenes. What happened to love in the afternoon? And on MVP, I’m really pissed with what they did to my favorite character. So hockey and TV are both pissing me off today.