On the Grid With Pommers

March 6, 2008

Each week, Sports Illustrated polls four athletes from the major sports on a variety of pop culture questions. This week, one of the included athletes was our very own Pommerdoodle. Lets see how the little Doodle does in the world of pop culture. Pommers was asked the following:

SI: Flava Flav is:

JP: I don’t know what that means.

SOTC: *headdesk.* JP, get thee to VH1 as soon as possible, please. Flava Flav is part of the trashiest bit of reality TV ever: Flava of Love. Even if you don’t watch VH1, Flav is the guy that wears the ginormous clocks and has a very bizarre friendship with Bridgette Nielsen.

SI: A President should have a very big…

JP: House.

SOTC: Good answer. Also acceptable would have been cojones.

SI: I’d never date a woman who…

JP: Has dated Tommy Lee.

SOTC: Also a good answer. But then again, do Tommy Lee exes and hockey chickies overlap all that much?

SI: Sport you play the worst…

JP: Soccer.

SOTC: Pommers has apparently learned soccer from his teammates. They appear not to play it too well, either.

And in case anyone is wondering, the last movie that made Pommers cry get choked up at was “Gone Baby Gone” with Ben Affleck. I haven’t seen it, but the IMDB synopsis makes it sound really riveting. (I have no room to talk in regards to crying at movies. I cried at RENT for pete’s sake, and I knew the story already.)

For the full grid, including answers from other athletes, pick up this week’s SI (the one with NCAA b-ball on the cover.)


One comment

  1. Gone Baby Gone is one of my favorite books ever and the movie was very well done. If you don’t cry at the end, you have no heart and/or soul.

    I kind like that Pommers isn’t familiar with Flavor Flav as he currently is.

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