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I’m a Little House Happy Right Now

March 8, 2008

– According to my handy dandy yard stick, we’ve received 10.5 inches of snow today. This measurement was taken at 2pm this afternoon, and we’ve received more snow since. I haven’t left the house today, other than the brief trip outside to clean off my car, so I’m a little house happy at the moment.

– I must get one of those snowbrushes with an extended handle. I’m not quite tall enough to fully clean off the roof of my Caliber with my normal snowbrush. My car usually ends up looking like it has a mohawk, as there’s one strip of snow left in the center of its roof.

– During my post-car clean off / pre-hockey nap, I had a dream I found a mama dog and two puppies in my basement, and named the puppies Crunchy and Doodle. I wonder if its a sign I should be getting a pet? Or a sign that there’s critters in the basement?

– Lindy’s extremely pissy at the media during his postgame presser. And with good reason. The team didn’t show up for the first period, and it wasn’t until midway through the second that they really showed up. Not to mention the bullshit penalties and the lack of calls against Carolina.

– The penalty against Goose was a complete bullshit call. He was assisted into the Carolina goalie. There should not have been a penalty there. Or if there was, the Carolina player should have gotten one.

– Speaking of Goose, he’s completely adorable in these photos from his speech at a Girls & Hockey function.  Although I do have to wonder why the low rent, mangy Sabretooth was there? Was fluffy ‘Tooth not available?

– Miller was absolutely amazing in the second and third tonight. His save on Staal was brilliant (that will show Staal not to celebrate until the puck actually crosses the goal line), and so was his save on Samsonov late in the third.

– And in addition to snow, the news is telling me that there was an earthquake in Clarence. What’s next, plagues? Locusts? Crickets?

– Congrats to the Griffs for almost pulling off an upset of Rider in the MAAC Basketball tourney. A four point loss is nothing to sneeze at, especially since the Griffs were 6-25 this year, and probably should have gotten blown out by Rider.

– I must hang this photo outside my cubby at work.

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