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The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

March 10, 2008

The Good.

A point is better than no points.

– Pommers getting a goal :16 into the game on a nifty pass from Goose. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t look like Goose intentionally passed the puck, so much as luckily tapped it to a waiting Pommers.

– Lindy smiling in the break between the game and overtime.

The Bad.

– Its one point instead of two. Philly is still three points ahead of us.

The Ugly.

– Gomez had to find the eighth of an inch between Miller’s skate and the post on the shootout. Its almost a year later, and I still can’t believe the Rangers dropped $80 million on him and Drury. Part of me almost wonders if this is the Rangers last hurrah, since they’ve got quite a few free agents this year.

– Staffy had to whiff on the puck on his attempt in the shootout. Staffy, what happened to that bad ass kid that played for us last year? Go find him and report back with him? Ok?

– Why in sam hill was Peters playing and not Kaleta? Peters got his ass kicked during his fight, and really didn’t do much with his post-game scrum with Orr. Kaleta at least would have brought some physicality to tonight’s game. That element was a little lacking tonight.

– Spacek got hurt. The dreaded upper body injury strikes again. I hope its only a return of back spasms and not something major. I’m really not looking forward to reliving the defense dropping like flies ala the 2006 EC Finals during the last 12 games of this season. But at least Hank might come back on Wednesday, although if Spacek’s out, its kind of addition by subtraction. (On a lighter note, it took me a few minutes to get used to hearing Spa-check instead of Spa-chuk during the play-by-play. But I did miss RJ quite a bit.)

– I know why the ref didn’t whistle the play dead when Patches got checked into next Tuesday, but seriously, if the guy is lying on the ice looking dazed and confused, whistle the damn play dead.

– If Versus told me one more time that the Rangers were in white and the Sabres in blue, I was going to scream. However, Versus did manage to impress me by hitting the Ryan Miller trifecta. In one call, they managed to work in his name, that he was a Hobey Baker winner, and that he went to Michigan State. If they would have worked in his age, it would have been the Versus Ryan Miller superfecta, requiring a hearty drink by all.

– I was also getting pissed that Versus was giving the Rangers quite the bj during the play-by-play. I know that bjs are quite the hot topic of conversation today, thanks to the revelations regarding our governor, but if I want to hear about them, I’ll watch the news. I don’t want to hear one during my hockey game!

– I think I’m going to watch tomorrow night’s Devils/Habs game, even though its on against the first night of the Idol Top 12. I don’t think I can stand to listen to the Idols sing the songs of Lennon and McCartney. I might have to dunk a bitch if I do (and I was ready to dunk a bitch after listening to one of the Idols sing Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah. I wish people would get that its not supposed to be a perky song, and stop trying to sing it as such.).

The Frickin Awesome (yes, there was a frickin awesome element to tonight’s game).

– Goose wearing his helmet backwards during the shootout as a rally cap. I saw him on the bench after Pominville scored and had to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of it. Hey, it almost worked!


From the Frozen Tundra…

March 10, 2008

– Its really cold in my office this morning. I mean, really cold. 56 degrees cold. I can’t type with my gloves on, so I fully expect my fingers to turn blue and fall off sometime this morning.

– Moving on, I take back my earlier comments about Danny Paille needing adult supervision. I watched his Power Play episode, and he seems like a normal, down to earth 23-year-old guy. A normal guy who has a fiance, a pretty good friendship with Clarke MacArthur, and a year-old shepard/husky mix that’s 75 pounds of love.

Host Jeremy White also took some time to clarify earlier players comments about Paille being the player most likely to eat something off the floor. Paille’s a believer in the five second rule. Someone should point him in the direction of the Mythbusters episode that dealt with that topic, since it would change his mind radically on that topic. He did clarify that he would eat something if it fell on his bathroom floor (which, ew) but not something that fell on the locker room floor, because there’s way to much “stuff” that hits that floor. (Again, ew. I gagged a little when I heard that.)

He also shared some of what a game day schedule is like. By the time the players are done with the pre-game skate and meal, its 1-130ish. Most players take a nap, but not Paille. He goes and walks his dog (and I hope he means that in the literal sense and not the Dawson’s Creek usage) and watches some TV. He’s one of the few players on the team that doesn’t nap. Oh, and he’s Andrew Peters’ roomie on road trips. Ain’t that an unlikely pair, almost as unlikely as Miller and Hecht.

– It looks like Patches might be out for tonight’s game against the Rangers, as he was seen leaving the Arena to go get X-rays on the leg contusions he suffered against the Hurricanes. If Patches can’t play, Mike Weber might be called up from Rochester.

– And in some good news for the defensive corps, Hank skated on his own yesterday and could be ready for Wednesday’s game against the Pens. I really hope we get the Hank in a suit interview tonight. Versus, if you’re reading this, make it happen.

– How did I miss that Vanek sat out the second period after the Canes went up 3-1, and then most of the third? But it sounds like Vanek got Lindy’s message loud and clear:

“A few mistakes early on and we didn’t play well as a line,” Vanek said. “He substituted Gaustad for me and then there wasn’t any room for me. Nothing you can do. You can’t whine and pout about it. Show up today, work hard in practice like I always do and we’ll see if I get more [tonight].”

I do like that Vanek was one of the first players on the ice at practice yesterday and spent time working with Kaleta and Thiebault. Looks like Vanek’s one of the players that subtle coaching works on, rather than all out screaming fests.

– In non-hockey related fun, the News ran an article this morning about there potentially being a shortage of pussy willows for Dyngus Day. Only in Buffalo would this story even be newsworthy.