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We Got Two!

March 14, 2008

And its about damn time, too!

– The Sabres completely surprised everyone by scoring four goals in the first period. The Mair goal and the Roy goal were especially beautiful. Mair’s goal was a complete effort from his entire line: Bernier drove it up the ice, set up Stafford who tapped it to Mair for the finale. Roy’s goal was the result of a give and go with Pommers that actually got and went like it was supposed to. We’ve seen that play backfire all too often this season, so its nice to see it succeed.


The Buffalo Sabres illustrate improper crossbar usage. Crossbars should be used to deflect shots, not decapitate goalies! Remember, safety first!

– New Sabres nickname alert: Reggie! Reggie is none other than Andrej Sejkera. Weber mentioned this name during his interview during one of the intermissions and it took me a good five minutes to figure out who he was referring to.

– Sweet merciful heavens, I thought Lindy was going to blow his top when the Sabres had three consecutive penalties called against them in the first period. His face was dangerously close to matching the burnt siena color of his tie.

– What was going on with the refs tonight? Some of the calls they made were entirely questionable and they kept having meetings every five minutes. Were they discussing the puckbunnies in the third row? Their travel arrangements? What gives?

– This was a good physical game from the Sabres. They didn’t back down, they were energized and they were standing up for each other. Its about time that fire came out. I especially liked Mair stepping up to fight for Kaleta. The kid was bleeding and by fighting, I think Mair was making sure he didn’t get hurt further. Even Ales Kotalik got scrappy!

– Were RJ and Harry sipping the Happy Juice up in the press box? They were really goofy tonight.

– Roby pointed out tonight that he’s seeing the older younger guys step up, notably Pommers and Goose. He pointed out that since Pommers has gotten the C, he’s been more responsible, more outspoken and stepped up his game. Goose has always been a solid dependable player. As Roby pointed out, these guys are two essential cogs in an NHL team, and they were supposed to be nothing more than career AHL’ers.

– Of course, the universe will have to right itself tomorrow night, so we will probably lose horribly to the Leafs.


Young and/or Stupid?

March 14, 2008

– The Sabres Edge has an interesting comment from Lindy Ruff today about how his younger players sometimes tune him out and go march to their own drummer. While he does concede that its his job to get them back on the same page in their same book, he honestly sounds like an exasperated father more than a hockey coach in his comments.

Yes, sometimes it doesn’t seem like they get the message and they go off on their own. I’ve got all kinds of examples. I can go back to the shootout where I recommended shooting the puck against [the Rangers’ Henrik] Lundqvist, who just felt if he plays deep enough you’re not going to beat him. And our first, young shooter [Drew Stafford] decided to deke. That’s just an example. And he’s says, “Oh, I was just being stupid.” Well, it is a little bit.

I just want to point out that everyone and their grandmother knew during the Rangers game that you had to shoot high on Lundqvist. You didn’t need to be coaching or playing in the game to know that.

– Its also been reported that Lindy had a 12 minute lecture with the team and then gave Vanek a 5-lap lecture during practice yesterday. I only hope they removed whatever’s been in their ears lately and started listening to Lindy again.

– Goose looks ready to dunk a bitch here. Please, oh please, let it be Staal tonight.