Young and/or Stupid?

March 14, 2008

– The Sabres Edge has an interesting comment from Lindy Ruff today about how his younger players sometimes tune him out and go march to their own drummer. While he does concede that its his job to get them back on the same page in their same book, he honestly sounds like an exasperated father more than a hockey coach in his comments.

Yes, sometimes it doesn’t seem like they get the message and they go off on their own. I’ve got all kinds of examples. I can go back to the shootout where I recommended shooting the puck against [the Rangers’ Henrik] Lundqvist, who just felt if he plays deep enough you’re not going to beat him. And our first, young shooter [Drew Stafford] decided to deke. That’s just an example. And he’s says, “Oh, I was just being stupid.” Well, it is a little bit.

I just want to point out that everyone and their grandmother knew during the Rangers game that you had to shoot high on Lundqvist. You didn’t need to be coaching or playing in the game to know that.

– Its also been reported that Lindy had a 12 minute lecture with the team and then gave Vanek a 5-lap lecture during practice yesterday. I only hope they removed whatever’s been in their ears lately and started listening to Lindy again.

– Goose looks ready to dunk a bitch here. Please, oh please, let it be Staal tonight.


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