Sabres Alphabet, Volume II

March 17, 2008

I really need a hobby.

A is for American. Staffy, Millsy, Timmy, Goose, Mikey Ryan and The Kaleta are our own little mini team USA. Pommers is half-American, so I guess he can play too. It will be interesting to see if any of these guys are wearing the red, white and blue for Team USA in 2010.

B is for Blog. The Sabres blogosphere contains some of the most insightful, intelligent and humorous commentary I’ve seen on the internet. Has anyone else ever had a nightmare about a player discovering their blog and wondering what the hell are these people on? Just me, then?

C is for Canada. The land that birthed the NHL. Home to eight-and-a-half Sabres. (That Pommerdoodle has to screw up the numbers again, doesn’t he?)

D is for Doug Allen. He sings both anthems with respect and class. Not too fast, not too slow and not trying to hit the high notes that only dogs can hear.

F is for Finland. home of Teppo and Toni.

G is for Germany. The land of Jochen.

H is for Heckling. Buffalo fans hold grudges better than any fans in the league. We’re still booing Miro Satan and he left town many years ago. Any current free agents should make notes of that.

I is for Intensity. Look at the standings right now. The Sabres are one point back of Philly, with Washington one point back of them. Tell me that all games played from now on aren’t going to be played at a higher intensity level because the playoffs are so close, yet so far away.

J is for Joe Juneau. The guy deserves props for the work he’s doing with Inuit children in rural Quebec.

K is for Kalinin. Depending on what broadcast you’re listening to, it’s pronounced Ka-lynn-en, not Ka-leeen-en.

L is for Let’s Play Some Hockey! At games, this is usually said immediately after the national anthems and before the opening faceoff.

M is for Mascot. Sabretooth is one of the best mascots in the NHL. Whether he’s irritating the players in the penalty box, banging on the glass, playing his drum, or just hanging around, he’s awesome. And he looks like a mascot should look: warm and fuzzy, and not completely intimidating to small children.

N is for Nicknames. We’ve all figured out the player generated ones. Millsy, Roy-Z, Reggie, Mairsy, etc. But the fan generated ones are much more entertaining. For example, Goose is fan generated. The players and Lindy call him Gaus. Danny Paille is Fred, according to the folks at Sabresfans.com. Andre Sejkera is Balls, though I keep wanting to call him Shakira. Loyal readers of SOTC, TWC and IPB all know Miller as Crunchy, because he gets crunchy looking during the playoffs. I’m still trying to figure out the genesis of Staffy as the Ice Devouring Sex Tornado at the Sports Argument Wiki.


Nevermind. I figured it out now. Carry on.

O is for Opportunity. The boys need to stop looking for the perfect pass and just shoot the puck. Opportunities happen when you shoot the puck.

P is for Puckhandling. Some players do it extremely well (Timmy). Other players, you just close your eyes and hope for the best whenever they think they need to touch the puck (Miller).

Q is for Quotable.Y’all have listened to Lindy Ruff before, right?

S is for Shooot! What fans yell all too often on the power play.

T is for The Hockey Song. I feel kind of jipped if I don’t hear this song at a game.

Z is for Zhitnik. Had a slapshot that was alternately deadly accurate, or just plain deadly.



  1. Has anyone else ever had a nightmare about a player discovering their blog and wondering what the hell are these people on? Just me, then?

    Absolutely. The fact that the #3 search term for my blog is “Pat Kaleta” makes me wonder…how often does he Google his own name?

  2. BTW, HOW can you say that video isn’t Sabres related? You can see Sissy for a whole .02 seconds at the very beginning. If that’s not Sabres related, I don’t know what is.

  3. Did I miss something, isn’t R a letter in the alphabet?

  4. Holy crap, I forgot R!

    R is for roughing. A two minute penalty that can be assessed for nothing more than sneezing on an opposing player, provided that he falls down.

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